Colllaborative consumption (sharing ec)

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Learn Skills, share tools, save money and make great new friends. Streetbank is very like Justfortheloveofit.

Learn Skills, share tools, save money and make great new friends

It lets you share things and skills with your neighbours and join in with community discussions. If you'd like to move your Justfortheloveofit account over to Streetbank, just enter your email address below and we'll pull your details across. Enter your email here Why is this happening? Together we can all go solar.

Panera Bread › Home. 50 Ways to Crowdsource Everything. This is a blog post by Drea Knufken.

50 Ways to Crowdsource Everything

Image: Wayne Large/Flickr Want something done quickly and well? Sic the swarm on it. Crowdsourcing, which involves a community of anonymous people completing a given task, has become an attractive labor model. Sharing is the Answer. New Sharing Economy. The New Sharing Economy. Technology is connecting individuals to information, other people, and physical things in ever-more efficient and intelligent ways.

The New Sharing Economy

It’s changing how we consume, socialize, mobilize— ultimately, how we live and function together as a society. In a global economy where the means of production are becoming increasingly decentralized, where access is more practical than ownership, what do the successful businesses of the future need to know? What’s changed about our psychology of sharing? Is money the only, or even the most valuable, currency anymore? The Sharing Economy. Collaborative consumption. – Trade Books, CDs, Video Games, Movies, Find Swap Events; Swap4Schools. Car Sharing, an alternative to car rental and car ownership – Zipcar. The Freecycle Network. Consommation Collaborative.