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video from inside of Syria. Graphic and horrific images of what syrian's asking for freedom are having happen to them. I will try to keep new video's updated daily. Nov 18

Bahrain 20111104 Manama Protester runned over by a police car
Syria - Kids Hide as Assad Tanks attack Homs Deir Balbae -9-29-11 - Dictator must Hang!
Tanks come under attack in Homs
Unreported World - Syria The Regime - مترجم للعربية - سورية النظام
Libya - Confirmation of the arrest of Seif Al-Islam (video) "Allain Jules Seif Al-Islam en tenue de Bédouin Ici, malgré la douleur et le choc, nous ne dérogerons jamais à la règle de la vérité. C’est avec regret que je vous annonce que Seif Al-Islam est bien aux arrêts. Quant aux circonstances, nous n’en savons rien. Notre source sur place confirme l’information et précise qu’il a été lynché, avant que des "étrangers" a-t-il dit, ne fassent obstruction. Libya - Confirmation of the arrest of Seif Al-Islam (video) "Allain Jules
Joint exercise on child protection from today Joint exercise on child protection from today Joint exercise on child protection from today / 20 November 2011 ABU DHABI — The Child Protection Centre at the Ministry of Interior will hold on Sunday a joint drill, in collaboration with the Canadian Police Centre for the Missing and Exploited Children, the strategic partner in the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT), It will later move to Dubai.
US forces kill Iraqis after bombing: officials (AFP) / 19 November 2011 BAGHDAD — US forces shot dead two Iraqi civilians south of Baghdad on Saturday following a bomb attack on their convoy, Iraq security officials said, while the US military denied its soldiers opened fire. ‘A roadside bomb hit a US convoy in Yusifiyah on the road to Hilla,’ an interior ministry official said. ‘American forces opened fire randomly, killing two civilians and wounding five.’ US forces kill Iraqis after bombing: officials US forces kill Iraqis after bombing: officials
invitation to "human to human" dedicated to stopping teen torture
Analysts: Iraq’s Syria stance is Sunni-Shiite related Syria and Iraq share a 605-kilometre border, and Sunni-majority provinces along the frontier were strongholds of resistance against United States forces and the Shiite-led Iraqi governments that have followed the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein. Iraq’s refusal to back Arab measures against Syria, which has since March been trying to crush a popular uprising, has confessional overtones and may boost sectarian division here, analysts say. Iraq now has a Shiite-led government, but was ruled by members of the country’s Sunni minority for most of its history. Syria is ruled by minority Alawites, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, while protesters demanding reforms are largely from its Sunni majority. More than 3,500 people have been killed in the conflict, according to U.N. figures. Analysts: Iraq’s Syria stance is Sunni-Shiite related
Interview: why Turkey's President Abdullah Gul believes his country's moment has come
Syrian FM asks AL to amend the list of observers, LBC LBC has reported that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem requested that Arab league to modify the list of the observers that will be sent by the organization to Syria, because Damascus has reservations about some of the people on the list , the places they will be visiting and the prisoners they will be meeting at the jails . Secretary General of the Arab League (AL), Nabil Elaraby announced Friday that he had received a letter on Thursday evening from Mouallem which included amendments to the draft regarding the duties of the AL mission of observers to be sent to Syria, Syria state-run news agency SANA reported on Friday. LBC also reported today that the Arab league chief is currently meeting with his top advisers to study the amendments proposed by the Syrian side Meanwhile Syrian opposition members said Syria’s stance was just a stalling tactic. Syrian FM asks AL to amend the list of observers, LBC
Troops Attack Protesters in Syria, Egypt
Kessab Roots: A Survivor’s Story | Armenian Weekly As a Diasporan Armenian connected to Armenia, as well as historical Armenia (currently in Turkey), part of the multitude of attachments I carry is with Kessab, a region and a town located in the northwestern part of Syria, on the Mediterranean Sea, at the Turkish border. Apparently, it has been inhabited by Armenians since the 11thcentury, going back to the Cilician Armenian Kingdom. Weekly columnist Lalai Manjikian with her grandmother. Kessab remains a predominantly Armenian enclave to this day. Kessab Roots: A Survivor’s Story | Armenian Weekly
Sudan Vision Daily - Details Sudan Vision Daily - Details My heart bleeds every time some highly educated person appears in a Television Channel to support the repressive and murderous regimes of Syria and Yemen and before we had similar models from Libya.I call them educated persons and intellectuals because real intellectuals never support repression and tyranny.Sometimes their logic deserve pity for repeating the same unbelievable stories of the regimes propaganda machine while saying at the same time that they are neutral just analyzing the situation from a nationalistic position.The best term that fits them is that they are the Devil Disciples for repression and tyranny.
Syrian Refugees Languish in Turkey - Slide Show
‫ leaked how to deal with the wounded prisoners of hospitals ‬
Military technology and war news from the Middle East Military technology and war news from the Middle East Recent Military Posts Test Pilot Bill Weaver tells about a Mach 3.18 in-flight breakup of an SR-71 Blackbird Amazing to read .... ... Still trying to communicate with Jim, I blacked out, succumbing to extremely high g-forces. Then the SR-71. . literally. . disintegrated around us. From that point, I was just along for the ride.
syria russia
Military Technology / Videos | Iran tries to muscle in with Syria | Military technology and military videos This explains a lot of whats in the media at present, a facinating read... The sudden united western front against Syria, with France joining the US in tabling a UN resolution demanding Syria withdraw from Lebanon was prompted by new evidence of Iranian-Syrian collusion to transform Lebanon into a safe haven for al Qaeda. Jonathan Ariel Military Technology / Videos | Iran tries to muscle in with Syria | Military technology and military videos
لو سحبت «العصابة الحاكمة» دباباتها وعساكرها وشبيحتها من المدن والشوارع لسقط النظام في 24 ساعة الإصلاح في سورية كان صعبا وبشار جعله مستحيلا عندما زاوج بين السلطة والمال وقتل شعبه انشققت أنا وإخوتي الثلاثة عندما رأينا النظام يقتل السوريين بدم بارد شهداء ثورة سورية وصلت أعدادهم إلى 10 آلاف.. والمعتقلون 50 ألفا.. والمفقودون 20 ألفا شهداء ثورة سورية وصلت أعدادهم إلى 10 آلاف.. والمعتقلون 50 ألفا.. والمفقودون 20 ألفا
Anonymous - Operation Blackout
Graphic))--Syria--Civilians dead in the street after Syrian forces open fire--7/29/2011
The truth about the revolution in Syria
A child victim of Assad's Alawite maniacs: Dara'a October 26th, '11
Al-Assad's sniper shot a girl at her house in Homs city in Syria 07.10.2011 - WARNING GRAPHIC 18+
Syria Army Hides Vehicles from UN Investigators in Hama during Visit - 8-22-11
Russians Oppose Any Ban on Arms Exports to Syria
Violence in Syria continues - video | World news
Egypt and Syria protests - Friday 18 November 2011 | World news 4.16pm: Here's a summary of today's events. Syria • Syria has witnessed its largest demonstrations for months as crowds urged foreign governments to withdraw their ambassadors in protest at the government's continuing crackdown. The largest single demonstration appeared to have taken place in Idlib in the north west. In Deraa, in the south, activists staged a mock hanging of president Bashar al-Assad. • Activists claimed 17 people, including four children, were killed by the security forces.
Syria Bent Syrian girl - hit a Syrian embassy in Geneva
Syria: Dispatches from Daraa
(11-18-11) Arbeen | Damascus | Two Children Murdered by Assad Forces
Syria - Daraa Funeral Under Attack - Assad Shabiha Try to Crush Syrian Protests 11-18-11
‫مجزرة درعا - مقطع واضح وطويل‬‎
Calls and e-mails to Blue Coat officials seeking comment on Thursday were not returned. The company has previously said it did not sell equipment or software to the Syrian government, but it has acknowledged that its products are being used there and could have been obtained through a third party. U.S. sanctions prohibit sales of most goods to the nation; investigators are attempting to determine who provided the Blue Coat technology to Syria. U.S. probes use of surveillance technology in Syria
The shootings came a day before the expiration of a deadline, issued by the Arab League on Wednesday, for Syria to agree to admit teams of human rights monitors. Shortly before the ultimatum, Syria’s foreign minister, Walid Moallem, had said that monitors would be allowed into the country under the terms of an Arab peace plan that Syria accepted earlier in the month but then proceeded to ignore. The Arab League’s secretary general, Nabil Elaraby, said, however, that Syria had requested unspecified amendments to the proposal, making it unclear whether it had in fact agreed. Defiant Syria kills more civilian protesters
Revealing Syria’s revolt | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters
Eleven killed in Syria on eve of Arab deadline AMMAN (Reuters) - Syria is seeking changes to a planned mission to monitor its implementation of an Arab League peace initiative, the group's chief said on Friday, on the eve of a deadline for Damascus to take steps to end months of bloodshed. Activists said security forces killed 11 people after weekly prayers, in the latest violence in the crackdown on protests against President Bashar al-Assad, which the United Nations says has killed at least 3,500 people since March. The Arab League has suspended Syria and set the Saturday deadline for it to comply with the Arab peace plan, which entails a military pullout from around restive areas, threatening sanctions unless Assad acts to halt the violence. Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby said the organization was studying a letter from Syria which "included amendments to the draft protocol regarding the legal status and duties of the monitoring mission of the Arab League to Syria."
H-P Computers Underpin Syria Surveillance
Martyr Yousef Mohammed Kheer AL Zeyadi dead under torturing in Idlib in Syria 2011-11-16
Video: Syrian army filmed 'beating captured protesters'
Video: Syria: intense gunbattles rage in Homs
Syria agrees 'in principle' to observer mission
Qatar, the tiny Gulf state that has turned into a big player in the Great Game
Turkey: World must 'hear screams' from Syria
Syrian rebels warn Assad regime they can strike 'anywhere and anytime'
France and Turkey tighten the screw on Syria
France calls for tough sanctions on Syria
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