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Brian Moritz. How we made #SocialMediaCuration Here’s the story of how our Social Media Curation presentation came together.

Brian Moritz

Lu and I, in talking about our interests, quickly realized that we wanted to focus on Social Media Curation start-ups. That was a good combination of our interests - Lu in start-ups, me in curation. We did a lot of the work in Google Docs - we had a master file where we kept our notes, outlines, next steps, etc. That helped us out, because everything was in one place. Then the question of how to contact the CEOs/professionals for our interviews came up. Brian Moritz - Twitter. Sherri's Blog.

Sherri Williams - Twitter. Sherri Williams' Professional Website. Brian Moritz Professional Website. What they told me: Newspapers are dying.

Brian Moritz Professional Website

It's time to jump ship. Get out while you can. There's no future in journalism. What I told them: I want to know why. I'm a former sports reporter who walked away from my beat to find out why newspapers are struggling, what they can do about it and how the Internet is changing the way the media does business. I worked for the Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, NY) and The Times Herald (Olean, N.Y.). Some day, I'll write a book. Kristin Mommers - Twitter.

Kiersten Wing - Tumblr. Kiersten Wing - Twitter. Qianxing Lu - Twitter. Malory Toscano - Tumblr. Lately.

Malory Toscano - Tumblr

And because Facebook won’t let me post any photos. Posted on 24 March, 2014Reblogged from pitchfork 52reasonswhyilivehere: Reason #10: Chances to play basketball in shorts and a tank top in the middle of February. Malory Toscano - Twitter. Chelsea Aures - Tumblr. #Social4Good Presentation Here is a #social4good presentation brought to you by @chelseaaures @ashlyo and @kristinmommers.

Chelsea Aures - Tumblr

Tune in December 6th at 11am to follow the live tweets. Picking the Pearltree. Chelsea Aures - Twitter. DR4WARD. William J. Ward - Twitter. Dr4Ward - Tumblr. Why And How To Create Infographics. Social Media Theory and Practice #NewhouseSM6 "To Do" List - 10 Things Due For Tues., Sept. 6 (Weekly assignments are due by Noon). Readings / Assignments 1.

Social Media Theory and Practice #NewhouseSM6 "To Do" List - 10 Things Due For Tues., Sept. 6 (Weekly assignments are due by Noon).

Read & Review Class Blog, Syllabus + LInks - COM 600 Theory and Practice #NewhouseSM6 2. Read "Twitter Literacy" by Howard Rheingold then follow him on Twitter: @hrheingold. Howard is one of the leading thinkers about Social Networking and Web 2.0 and he correctly points out: "The difference between seeing Twitter as a waste of time or as a powerful new community amplifier depends entirely on how you look at it - on knowing how to look at it. Syllabus - COM 600 Theory and Practice #NewhouseSM6. Week 7 To Do List. Week 9 To Do List. Week 8 To Do List. Chey Contiguglia - Tumblr. Diving for Pearls This weeks discussion topic in NewhouseSM6 via DR4ward at, was about Pearltrees, the website is www.pearltrees,com if anyone wishes to make an account.

Chey Contiguglia - Tumblr

I signed up for a Pearltree account and created a Pearltree for the class, check it out here: I am still trying to figure out how exactly to use this site, even though I used the help pearl and a blog,, recommended by a classmate. I don’t exactly understand the need for it other than to keep all the things you are interested in, in one place. Hopefully as I begin to understand it more I will come to use it. Maybe I can get a tutorial from someone so I am not so lost, and in the process of this week I hope I didn’t steal anyones pearls! Try, Try, Try again. Chey Contiguglia - Twitter... Lynessa Williams - Tumblr. Lynessa Williams - Twitter... Ammy Sriyunyongwat - Tumblr. 5:59 pm - Fri, Dec 9, 2011 Pinteresting I joined forces with classmates Jackie and Kiersten to tackle the fun topic of photo sharing for the teaching presentation project in our Social Media Theory & Practice class.

Ammy Sriyunyongwat - Tumblr

Here’s a brief summary of what we presented. We started on a silly note by showing pictures of celebrities from their Twitter accounts, to emphasize the impact of photo sharing in today’s culture. Then we described the photo sharing landscape as a whole, along with upcoming trends. Instagram was the first application we covered. Kiersten walked us through Pinterest, from the history and the basics to the etiquette. Here’s the list of infographics that we live-tweeted during our presentation: All in all, it was a fun project and we hope the class had a great time along with us! 12:23 pm - Mon, Oct 10, 2011 1 note Trying out Pearltrees Pearltrees is a way to organize, discover and share links on the web. Ammy Sriyunyongwat - Twitter... Laura Miley - Tumblr. So many ways to tweet, but so little time.

Laura Miley - Tumblr

If I’m going to use a platform for Twitter, I will most likely use only one of those listed below. While each offer something unique with more features than your average Twitter page, I’m looking to find my main go-to platform. Here are my thoughts on which are and are not worth my precious tweeting time: Laura Miley - Twitter. Grace Johnson - Tumblr. My first attempt at TweetChat could probably be compared to my first day here at Newhouse: scary and overwhelming.

Grace Johnson - Tumblr

The first issue I found was how unorganized it seemed to be. I understand that there is a moderator available to facilitate the flow of conversation, but at around 20+ people, the moderator became ineffective. My computer continuously flooded with ten to fifteen new tweets at once to answer people’s questions about Klout. I found myself struggling to follow one string of questions to another, and was even too overwhelmed to ask one myself. By the time I thought of question number four, the group was on question ten. Another issue was the intense focus it demanded on participants, which is also tied to the lack of organization. If I could make a recommendation for the overall process, it would be to limit the amount of participants in a chat to a handful at most. Grace Johnson - Twitter. Dee Cater - Tumblr. Dee Cater - Twitter.

Jaclyn Slovic - Tumblr. So we’ve been examining all the ways people can measure us based on our social media impact.

Jaclyn Slovic - Tumblr

So I’m happy to turn the tables and give my opinion on social media apps. After testing out six social media management apps, I have decided that HootSuite fits me the best, by far. Here’s why: Jaclyn Slovic - Twitter. Ashly Oehrl - Tumblr. Ashly Oehrl - Twitter. Josie Fox - Tumblr. Josie Fox - Twitter.