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Social Networking in Adult Literacies Learning (RaPAL/NIACE)

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TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing. Group Games, Party Games, Team Building, Icebreakers, Ice breakers. Social Networking by T Furlong on Prezi. Section 3 Group Brainstorming Activity.

Individual comments Books: Fiction, Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Textbooks, Audiobooks, Biography & more. Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia. Pinterest. Collaborative Writing. The value of blogging. Blogger. Blog | RaPAL | Research and Practice in Adult Literacy – a friendly group. Compass/ NUT Education Enquiry: another opportunity to make RaPAL’s views felt The Compass/ NUT Education Inquiry, established in 2013, is progressing at speed now. The most recent draft interim report Education for the 21st Century sets out the values and philosophy, along with some proposals. The full Interim Report will be published in May.

The Inquiry remit will include a ‘fifth dimension’ focused on lifelong learning that currently occupies just one page (p26) of the interim report. This group is not starting from scratch as over the past 2 years an extensive report was produced by the Compass FE working group: FE for the Good Society. What is required is a piece- 500 words maximum- setting out policy proposals for this area based on the Compass 5 core values (below) that: We want political parties to adopt our policies so hope to make proposals that are realistic whilst being firmly based on our 5 values. RaPAL Looks Wider It’s been a busy few days bunched up. Public Goods. Useful things what I have Discovered as a Learning Technologist | Bex Ferriday's Edutechy Wonderland. This morning I was having another look at this article, published by The Guardian almost a year ago: 20 tips and resources for using learning technology in higher education.

Scanning through it again made me think about the nuggets of useful technology-based information I’ve collected / learned / made up in my few years’ experience as a Learning Technologist. Here they are: If you build it they will not come. I’ve said it before, but it is worth saying again: do not spend a fortune building an institution / course-based carbon copy of an already established platform such as Twitter or Facebook. To quote the great John Lydon: ’ I could be wrong, I could be right’. Like this: Like Loading...

Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Where Learning Happens | Sign up, Sign In. Edmodo. Accessing the group Edmodo. What is Evernote? Evernote Tips: The 11 Amazing Features That Make Using Evernote So Freaking Awesome. Shared notebook: Moodle - Open-source learning platform | Wikispaces. Polls. Web 2.0 Tools. Best Online Collaboration Tools 2013. Top 100 Tools for Learning. What apps do what.