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Napping pods

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Nemorelax. El ZULO! An Ergonomic Chair Pod For The Power Nap. Just looking at the design for El ZULO, Spanish for "the hideout," makes me sleepy.

El ZULO! An Ergonomic Chair Pod For The Power Nap

Instead of putting my head down right here at my desk and catching a few zzz's before my stiff neck and back cry "Oooh, that hurts! ," I imagine myself mustering just enough energy to get up, move a few feet away from my desk, and assume a similar, but ergonomic, position in this peaceful, padded, perfectly positioned chair pod for my power nap. El ZULO was designed by Frank Ehners as an industrial design project for his coursework at the Halle University of Art and Design in Germany. Though intended for an office setting, the power napping pod makes perfect sense for those of us that work at home, doesn't it?

But, with respect to Mr. Power napping has been touted for many years as the best way to recover energy mid-day, so don't be surprised if progressive productivity managers don't start looking for design solutions -- the dirty old couch in the lunch room is not the answer! Eclipse office system. Coolest Sleeping pods for some serious napping job : Designbuzz. People just love to isolate themselves from their environment during or after a tough day at work with lights, music and a relaxing posture to take pressure off the heart and troubled mind.

Coolest Sleeping pods for some serious napping job : Designbuzz

Advocates, such as Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein, have preached the benefits of a power-nap and even we second their thought. Have a look at some of the most interesting sleeping pods that simply offers a relaxing place for a power nap to shed the hectic day at work. el Zulo ergonomic pod Calling this hide out by Frank Ehners as el ZULO, it is ergonomically shaped to allow the body to literally slump on it.

All the drowsy user has to do it sit on the counter and lean forward to fall on an upright support. Metronaps Energypod Metronaps EnergyPods have been especially designed for powernapping at work. Lomme Nature-inspired and incorporating cutting edge technology is how Lomme line of luxury beds could be described. Napshell Sleeping Cocoon Ovei Pod Bubble of Silence Nemorelaxer. M bel Th ny. Alberto Frias: Pod. Armchair Paradise pod puts you in an embryonic state. Bubble of silence. Home » Sylense » Our creations » Bubble of silence A simple way to surround yourself with silence There can be no doubt that noise pollution is disturbing and causes stress.

Bubble of silence

Now with the Quietys Bubble of silence you can rediscover serenity and well-being and forget about unpleasantness of noisy environments.You will enjoy the auditory comfort of this solution thoroughly. The innovative Quietys approach significantly reduces low-frequency noises, such as street traffic and lively downtown areas. It is adaptable to any situation. Thanks to its portable power supply and mobile structure, this solution enables you to create a calm and relaxing space in seconds, wherever you are. Case study In this case, performance was measured using a configuration composed of 2 speakers, 2 control microphones and 1 reference microphone.

Results: attenuation of around 8 dB(A), corresponding to around 6 times less acoustic pressure on the ears! Bizarre energy pod that keeps Googlers refreshed. We don’t usually come up with single-product-posts at HD but every once in a while something cool comes up that just forces us to bend the rules a little.

Bizarre energy pod that keeps Googlers refreshed

This alien looking Energy Pod by Metronaps which Google provides to its employees for taking power naps is one such product. As far as form goes, we don’t think it can be sexier than this; regarding function, it reclines occupants to the optimal napping position while playing ambient sounds that help nappers drift into light sleep. At about 3.6 lakh rupees ($ 8000) it would be about twice as expensive as the massage chairs that are floating around in the local market. And of course, expensive, ‘alienish’ chairs aren’t the only things that are special about google’s offices. Via.