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Swedish House

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Eric Prydz (ericprydz) Axwell (Axwell) Eric amarillo sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, Photos. Bio: Eric Amarillo Biography The Swedish DJ, producer and songwriter Eric Amarillo’s grandfather was a jazz drummer and multi instrumentalist inspiring his grandson at a very early age to get into music. Playing folk music as a child, with his mother, also helped to form Eric Amarillos musical multimind. Composing and being a skilled instrumentalist lead him as a teenager to the Royal conservatory of music in Stockholm. After five years of studies in classical music, Eric Amarillo was one of his generations most promising instrumentalists, and he was featured on numerous Cd recordings and live performances of expressionistic contemporary music. - All music comes from the same place, namely the inner urge of expression and communication, says Eric Amarillo, and the gap between classical music and the energy of electronic dance music is not very far.

Be sure to see Eric Amarillo Dj-ing, often bringing live instruments into the dj booth. Member Since: March 26, 2006 Members: The Attic Feat. Michael Feiner sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, Photo. .. .... Swedish born Michael Feiner is the voice behind many big dance floor hits such as “Together” with Axwell & Ingrosso, “Fairplay (Let There Be Love)” with Markus Gardeweg, “In Your Eyes” and “Flash In The Night” with his own band The Attic to mention a few. Well on the way are noticable collaborations with Eddie Thoneick, DBN and also with Swedish fellow Albin Myers.

Swedish house mafia sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, Axwell sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, Photos et cli. Adrian Lux sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, Photos et. Axwell interview for Pacemaker. Criminal intentions or not – Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, better known as the Swedish House Mafia has (not very quietly) taken over the club world lately.

Axwell interview for Pacemaker

Their anthem Leave the world behind, featuring Laidback Luke and Deborah Cox, is one of the biggest house tracks of the year. In March, Swedish House Mafia honcho Steve Angello ended up in the celeb gossip columns after a dj booth punch up with Paris Hilton’s boyfriend at the Miami WMC – and was hailed as a hero by the global dj community for litterally hitting back on year’s of ill-advised song requests. So spring was good to the Mafia – but summer might prove to be even better. June 22nd sees them move into Pacha for a Monday residency at the most legendary of Ibiza’s night clubs. Pacemaker celebrates the occassion with a live mix from Axwell’s appearance on Kiss 100 recently – and a few words with the mafioso himself.

So Axwell, the Swedish House Mafia night at Pacha is called The Dark Forest. . – Roger Sanchez. Sebastian Ingrosso sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, P. Sebastian Ingrosso is that rare thing in the world of dance music: a musician who understands the world of melodies just as much as he understands the power of the kick drum. Sebastian's father owned two record labels, and from the tender age of 14 Ingrosso could be found in the studio producing music. His first official remix was released on Mega Records in 1999 and for over a decade Ingrosso has been releasing a steady stream of original tracks and remixes. In 2009, Sebastian, Dirty South and David Guetta produced 'How Soon Is Now' with Julia McKnight, which has become a modern day vocal house classic. As head of A & R for his label, Refune, Sebastian is constantly discovering and developing new talents such as Style of Eye, AN21, Max Vangeli, True Identity and his most recent signing, the exceptional Lune.

Sebastian Ingrosso's achievements as a DJ are no less impressive than of those in the area of production. Eric Prydz sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, Photos et. Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell & Dirty South @ F12. A Prydz worth pa. Or Eric Prydz: "First proper interview I've done in a long time.Get the latest Miami issue of DJ MAG!!

A Prydz worth pa

" Arriving in Miami means a lot to our cover star Eric Prydz – for more than one reason. The man who effortlessly makes underground house and techno cuts that sometimes blow up into mainstream monsters has more quality new music to unleash on the assembled throng at this year's WMC… Going to Miami is a very big deal for Eric Prydz. Two years ago, the last time he was there, his massive track 'Pjanoo' became the conference's unofficial anthem, a track that also scored him a No.2 in the UK charts. "It was a great feeling, but a funny one, because at that time the track was over two years old," Eric tells DJmag. "So two years later I'm playing a Christmas party in Stockholm, with all my friends there, and I found the CD in a case.

"It's all about timing with those sorts of things. It must be a great feeling, scoring yourself the tune of the conference. Loud and clear, no doubt. Stockholm.