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Whole Wheat Cracker Streaming Playlist Mixtapes and MP3s. An Every Genre Music Blog. As slow as things are around here, due to time spent on other projects , still gotta holla at WWC every once in a while. Here’s whats been on rotation around here. The new Jai Paul is fantastic. New Gambino always dope, especially if hes sampling Donkey Kong. Odd Future has been killing it. Whole Wheat Cracker Streaming Playlist Mixtapes and MP3s. An Every Genre Music Blog.
OK Go new video (better than the treadmills?) // Current
Amazing Violinist
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Sirena Huang dazzles on violin
Jennifer Lin improvs piano magic
Ahn Trio: A modern take on piano, violin, cello
Qwerty Beats | Online Drum Machine | Keyboard Drum Loops | Remix | Samples | uπit
Well, it was a long and excruciating winter break, but the blog is back! I can't stress enough how much I live in the mountains, and this winter was no less than brutal. Over 14 inches of snow at one point kept me stuck at home without internet for nearly two weeks which is more than enough to drive a man crazy. Luckily for me, I had the films of 2010 to keep me company, and just like the music scene of last year, this was also an excellent year for film. In lieu of this week's Oscar nominee announcements I have decided to create my own awards for the blog. Direct Hit Direct Hit
looplabs. free online music mixing software. created by looplabs. free online music mixing software. created by We're building something epic. Want to be one of the first to join the beta? We're building a music studio for the Internets.

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By Carlos Published: April 10, 2012 After a long time and some updates a new beta with a setup is ready. The main focus in this version was to fix some issues due updates made in both Amazon database and iTunes application. CD Art Display should work properly again. In addition, the new Skin Browser is still under development. The Upload feature will be reviewed since some additions are from known skins and not only new and original ones. CD Art Display CD Art Display
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the universal Tag Editor the universal Tag Editor Mp3tag v2.58 — This version comes with performance improvements when reading MP4 files and includes fixes and minor changes. All changes are described in the History of changes. Mp3tag v2.57 — This version is a maintenace release and includes fixes and minor changes.
Songr Download free music directly from your desktop - no p2p, no ads, mp3s from 16 music search engines. Features:Download or listen to streaming music from 16 mp3 search engines Full album search Automatic conversion of results to direct links to listen with your favorite media player Audio extraction from YouTube videos Search by lyrics: Type some words and get the name of the song and an audio preview! Search by artist Download Songr 1.9.96 Songr
Isle of Tune
50 Great Voices Hear the stories of awe-inspiring voices from around the world and across time. The NPR Classical 50 Music: New Music, Songs and Music News Music: New Music, Songs and Music News
aM laboratory
Listen to a Wall of classical Music
“Music Philosophy”, combining music and graphics
Clementine Music Player Search and play your local music library. Listen to internet radio from Spotify, Grooveshark,, SomaFM, Magnatune, Jamendo,, Digitally Imported,, Soundcloud, Icecast and Subsonic servers. Search and play songs you've uploaded to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and Ubuntu One. Create smart playlists and dynamic playlists. Tabbed playlists, import and export M3U, XSPF, PLS and ASX. Clementine Music Player
Editor’s review from by Niamh Lynch RadioSure is a neat radio app that will open up a world of new music. This great little tool is now in its 2nd version, and it just keeps getting better! RadioSure allows you to browse through a huge variety of stations, sorting by language, country, genre and title. You can also add new stations and toggle a variety of configuration settings that run from enabling hotkeys to recording radio. There are various ways of listen to RadioSure – via the main interface, minimized to a smaller bar, or minimized completely to the taskbar. Radio Sure - Free Internet Radio Player Radio Sure - Free Internet Radio Player
YouTube Jockey
Find Songs You Heard in Movies @ what-song
Testi Mania Find Songs By Few Words
Lyrics by song, album, or music artist - LyricWiki - Mozilla Dev
Viinyl - 1 Song. 1 Site. 1 URL. Viinyl - 1 Song. 1 Site. 1 URL. We LOVE music and technology. Our goal is to build easy and effective tools that empower todayʼs artists and music professionals. We want to give you maximum control over your music distribution, reach and branding. What is viinyl. 1 Song. 1 Site. 1 URL.
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The Music Maze
The xx
Alex Metric 'It Starts'
IS TROPICAL - When O' When [2009]
Dirty Elegance - Eternal Infamy
Carlos Jean - Lead The Way

Music Roamer - Discover New Music (Build 20100115144158) Potholes in my blog Discover new music. Type an artist or a keyword into the appropriate box. A web of related artists will be displayed. Double-click an artist to expand the web to similar artists. Click an artist to get the top-rated albums as rated by users on Last.FM.