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List of chord progressions. 5 People Who Failed Their Way to Fame And Fortune. Florence Foster Jenkins Florence Foster Jenkins was a very bad opera singer.

5 People Who Failed Their Way to Fame And Fortune

Seriously, you guys. So bad. How Bad Was She? If you didn't watch the video, just imagine Ashlee Simpson jumping rope while singing opera through some sort of reverse auto-tune device that makes things even more out of tune than they already are. Or you could listen to the sound of this puppy as you kick it repeatedly. As a youth in the late 19th century, Jenkins endured countless words of discouragement from anyone unlucky enough to hear her sing, including her father. A regrettable decision for several reasons. People Actually Paid For This Crap? Despite her ineptitude-riddled pipes, Jenkins's performances were always enjoyable, just not in the way she hoped.

Over time, people turned out in droves to catch a glimpse of Jenkins's special brand of awful. The highlight of her career was her first and only performance at Carnegie Hall in 1944. How Bad Was He? It will make you want to go out and create something. The 8 Things You Can Do With a Cover Song [COMIC] The 9 Most Underrated Funny Songs (According to Weird Al) Weird Al Yankovic has been parodying pop music since back in the days when people still paid for it.

The 9 Most Underrated Funny Songs (According to Weird Al)

When we found out he was willing to do something for in line with his recently released double album, we asked him if he might want to write something about underrated funny songs or even better tell us the stories behind songs he wanted to parody, but couldn't. To our surprise, he did both. BARNES AND BARNES - Boogie Woogie Amputee "Oh Suzie baby if you please Let me give your stump a squeeze. " Yes, Barnes and Barnes are the geniuses behind the immortal "Fish Heads," but a lot of their other work is woefully unsung. THE TUBES - I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk "We were a joke at our own record label They told us, "Make a record, if you're able. " The Tubes had some early semi-novelty minor hits with "White Punks On Dope" and "What Do You Want From Life," but I'm partial to this track from their hard-to-find live album.

TONIO K - Funky Western Civilization. Forums : Off-topic Discussion : Music Theory- The basics updated V7. Introduction Hello there, you may have seen me around The Escapist and most know me as The Rockerfly, I am a musician. I have been playing music for about 10 years and have been writing for 3 years. I have an A level in music, grade 7 guitar, grade 5 in tuba, play the drums part time and sing for a group as well. It has come to my attention though that several Escapist members wish to become musicians or are in the process of becoming musicians and this guide is here to help you on your journey Now to write music it is useful to have theory however it is NOT essential to writing music however it is useful if you to progress and write things out of your comfort zoneI know it is hard to know where to start with the theory and I find writing this article very difficult so please excuse me if you feel that I have not written it to your standards, every musician has been taught differently so their theory will be different Reading Sheet Music I believe I may have missed out some content. 1.

Scales and emotions. See also a post about making chords from scales.

Scales and emotions

So maybe you want to write a song or an instrumental in a particular mood or style, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the scales. Here’s a handy guide to the commonly used scales in Western pop, rock, jazz, blues and so on. Click each image to play the scale right in your browser with the aQWERTYon. These scales have a major third (E in the key of C), which makes them feel happy or bright. Major scale Happy; can be majestic or sentimental when slow. Mixolydian mode Bluesy, rock; can also be exotic/modal. Lydian mode Ethereal, dreamy, futuristic. Lydian dominant mode Also known as the overtone scale or acoustic scale, because it is close to the first seven pitches in the natural overtone series. Phrygian dominant mode Exotic, Middle Eastern, Jewish. Harmonic major scale Majestic, mysterious. These scales have a flat third (E-flat in the key of C), which gives them a darker and more tragic feel.


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