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Secondary school resources. Latin and Classics resources for teachers We have been working with Anne Dicks from Malvern St James School in Worcestershire to prepare resources for use: in the classroom on-site at the Roman Bathsfor follow-up projects. These resources can be downloaded below. Decoding Roman Religious Inscriptions - How To... guide - pdf Decoding Roman Tombstones - How To... guide - pdf Both designed to be used on a visit to the Roman Baths. In addition they can be used with activity sheets provided below. Roman Tombstones - activity sheet - pdf Religious Inscriptions - activity sheet - pdf Both can be used in the classroom or on-site at the Roman Baths. Translation of inscriptions at Aquae Sulis - pdf Line drawings - powerpoint Again for use in the classroom and for follow up projects. Romanisation and Aquae Sulis - powerpoint - part 1 Romanisation and Aquae Sulis - powerpoint - part 2 Curse tablets - powerpoint People and society - powerpoint - part 1 People and society - powerpoint - part 2 Resources.

Earthday Projects and Ideas Green Earth Day Page Best Collection of History Crafts printable Activities Food Natural Tips DIY Celebrations for Earthday Earth Month Earth Hour Green Day. Earthday Recycle and Earth Themed Projects and Ideas, History, Crafts, Printable Activities, Food Art and Natural Tips For Earthday and Everyday. The Story of Earthday Who started it, When, Why? You might be surprised! Read More: The Story of Earth Day The History of the Earthday" Flag Who Designed The Flag and When, How many flags are there?

What is the Meaning and Symbolism of the Flags? Kids Count for Earthday Haiku For Kids 7-20 Haiku and haiga written by kids for Earthday. Haiku Society of America With Words UK Sketchbook Short Verse Journal Learn more... Energy Saving Tips From Your Pals Easy things you can do TOGETHER this Earth Day! We suggest you be a Planetpal for Earthday and Everyday! Remember the 3 "r's: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE Share earth responsibilities with neighbors and friends with these ideas: Have a Planetpals Party full of Planetpals activities! St Judes Recycled Card Program For Greener Giving All Year Long! Everything Earth Have an Earth Day Fast About Arbor Day. S Green Squad: Get Started. English Word of the Day - truce | Learn English Online with Dimi. Word Dynamo - Free Study Guides, Quizzes, Games, and Flashcards.

ESL BLUE(s) Animated Grammar: Past Tense. Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students (Fun English Study) Frequency Adverbs Worksheet Free Ebooks (pdf, doc, ppt, pps, xls and etc.) Lesson C adverbs of frequency (1) Le Monde Diplomatique. Le Monde Diplomatique Home > Le Monde Diplomatique Magazine > Le Monde diplomatique Subscribe now to the English language edition of Le Monde diplomatique. You will receive the print edition delivered each month to your door. Your subscription also gives you access to the complete Le Monde diplomatique archive, a unique online resource stretching back over twelve years. Subscribe now and save up to 35% off the regular shop price UK/Ireland: 1 year £28 (approx €33.60), 2 years £52.00 (approx €62.40) United States and Canada: £30 (approx $45), 2 years £56 (approx $84) Other countries: £32 (approx €38.40), 2 years £60 (approx €72) We are now able to reduce rates even further through a direct debit facility available to readers with UK bank accounts.

Pay just £26 every 12 issues or as little as £46.80 every 24 issues. Please note that you will be billed in GBP £. $ and € rates are for guidance only. Frequency adverbs / how often...? - 365 Jours pour Apprendre. ESL Library - English Lesson Plans, English Flashcards, for ESL Teachers. English lessons, grammar, speaking, vocabulary, idioms, tests, reading, listening, writing, exams, dictionary, topics, exercises, phonetics. Здравствуйте уважаемые ученики! У нас вы можете глянуть обучающее видео на тему adverbs of frequency speaking activity, english conversation - онлайн.

Но все таки если видео для обучения adverbs of frequency speaking activity на этой странице не оказалось - просто отыщите интересующее видео через поиск. English Grammar | Adverbs MATERIAL: An online English lesson about the form ... 019 - Adverbs of Frequency, Time, Manner & Place - Learn REAL English - Learn Basic English Grammar Learn basic English grammar! HOW OFTEN(adverbs of frequency) Grammar: Adverbs of frequency, Present Simple Tense.

English for children - English Family Flashcards designed for children and kids - Study with fun English Family Flashcards for kids and children to lear... Мы искренне думаем, что adverbs of frequency speaking activity - видео обучения английского языка на тему adverbs of frequency speaking activity - вы наконецто нашли. Free Visual Dictionary & Thesaurus | Online Dictionary | Associated Words | Synonyms Dictionary at It’s an online interactive English dictionary and thesaurus that helps you find the meanings of words and draw connections to associated words. You can easily see the meaning of each by simply placing the mouse cursor over it. Why use Snappy Words visual dictionary? Easy to use dictionary and thesaurus. Learn how words associate in a visually interactive display. How do I use it? Type words in the search box and click Go or simply hit Enter. Place the mouse cursor over a word to view the meaning. What dictionary does Snappy Words use?

The Snappy Words interface queries the WordNet lexical database developed by Princeton University and made available for students and language researchers. Useful Sites Improve your grades using and get the best essay in class. PLACES IN TOWN. November 2009. BBC World Service | Learning English | How To. Spend, spend, spend! | Five against one: Teaching against the odds.

This is a lesson idea that I have been trialing with a couple of my classes and it went so well that I thought it was only fair to share it. The lesson is based around an interactive computer game called ‘Spent’ The site was first brought to my attention by Graham Stanley (@grahamstanley), who talked about using the game at a small British Council conference, last year.

Graham is one half of the team behind the site, digitalplay, so I knew it would be worth checking it out. The game was designed to raise awareness of about poverty. The game itself is very simple to play and you don’t need to be a gaming geek to play along. The game deals with lots of issues from homelessness, workers unions, obesity and doing the weekly shop to name a few. Authentic materials – Google images I think that the lesson would be suitable for upper intermediate and above and mature teens at FCE. Like this: English exercises: City. Common Shops and Places in Town. 11/19/09. Community_places_1_978981.pdf. Flashcard activities oriented around places in the community. I have another free download here for you - my places in the community flashcards. Consider them a sort of follow-up to the materials and task-based learning ideas I presented in my earlier post about the City of CleverKey!

[EDIT: I now have a 'digital rendition' that uses some of these cards. English Raven Jnr played a "guess the place" game with me and we caught it on screencast! It might be something your learners will enjoy watching and listening to. In addition to the activity described below in the blog post, on the main ER webpage I also have some simple activities described that correlate generally to Cambridge YLE test levels Starters, Movers and Flyers.] These are typical of most of the flashcard sets I've created and used in my classes, in that they are relatively small. Anyway, that downloadable set I gave you access to above depicts 48 different sorts of places one might find in a typical (western?) I let students choose a card from the set, or distribute them randomly. 1.

Places Around Town - Word Search. The Town & the Country. Places in town. PLACES IN TOWN 2 worksheet - - Free ESL worksheets. Ejercicio. How to ask and give directions? Thanks! - Funky English. ASKING FOR AND GIVING DIRECTIONS. PEDIR Y DAR DIRECCIONES. Giving Direction Exercise - Level A - Teacher Jocelyn. Asking and giving directions. Junio 2012. In this link, I give you an excellent website where you can find interesting vocabulary. Medical emergencies Picture Dictionary / People / Medical Emergencies A. be injured/ be hurt B. be unconscious C. be in shock D. have a heart attack E. have an allergic reaction F. get an electric shock G. get frostbite H. burn (your)self I. drown J. swallow poison K. overdose on drugs L. choke M. bleed N. can’t breathe O. fall P. break a bone Describing Hair Describing Hair – Picture Dictionary 1.

A. cut hair B. perm hair C. set hair D. color hair/ dye hair Food Preparation Picture Dictionary / Food / FOOD PREPARATION Scrambled eggs A. Vegetable casserole G. Chicken soup M. Five ways to cook chicken S. fry T. barbecue/grill U. roast V. broil W. stir-fry Money Money – Picture Dictionary Coins 1. $.01= a penny = 1 cent 2. $.005= a nickel = 5 cents 3. $.10= a dime = 10 cents 4. $.25= a quarter = 25 cents 5. $.50 = a half dollar 6. $1.00 = a silver dollar Bills Ways to pay.

Asking for and giving directions. Many times when you meet some tourists you need to know how to give directions. It's not always easy to remember how to say things. Let's watch and listen to the video below and learn or recall how to ask for and give directions. You can also practise, by using this map and answering the questions. 1- Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the British Museum? (You are at the Buckingham Palace) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2- Excuse me, where is Madame Tussauds? 3- Excuse me, how can I go to the Buckingham Palace? Asking and giving directions. Giving directions. Skip Reske's ESL BITS - ESL English Listening Advanced - ESL English Listening Intermediate - ESL English Listening Songs - ESL Listeninmg Audiobooks.

Describing Communities, Neighborhoods & Places for Teachers & StudDescribing Places for ESL Teachers. ESL teaching ideas for housing, transportation and giving directions. Demander son chemin / donner des directions. Les membres peuvent avoir accès à la version papier de cet exercice ici Comment devenir membre ? Activité 1 : vocabulaire. Cliquez ici. Activité 2 : vocabulaire. Cliquez ici. Activité 3 : vocabulaire. Activité 4 : vocabulaire. Activité 5 : vocabulaire. Activité 6 : Reconstruction de phrases.

Activité 7 : Reconstruction de phrases. Activité 8 : Reconstruction de sens. Activité 9 : Reconstruction de sens. Activité 10 : Mots-croisés : Cliquez ici. Activité 11 : 10 Phrases à remettre dans l’ordre : Cliquez ici. Activité 12 : Revoir le vocabulaire en s’amusant : Cliquez ici. Giving Directions to the Bank. All the past tenses. Quiz General knowledge. EngVid. Learn English as Easy as Pie, lesson 5 did/was doing/had done/had been doing. English With Pleasure. Where is Bryan? Irregular verbs Dear students, Here are some websites to help you with the verbs. Good luck! Mrs Calard Pour vous créer des tests, cliquez ici. Cochez les verbes que vous devez connaitre, puis cliquez sur niveau 3.

CROSSWORDS (cliquez sur le nombre de la case à remplir) Une idée de fiche à fabriquer vous même. SONGS (pour apprendre en s’amusant !) Thanks to Ms Drobinski and Ms Giroud-Capet ! Safer Internet Day: February 7th 2017 Protéger les enfants des dangers du Web * Si l’apparition des nouvelles technologies est une révolution puisqu’elle s’accorde avec une ouverture sur le monde, il faut néanmoins rester vigilant.

Des conseils pour protéger vos enfants/adolescents sur InternetLa vidéo du spot publicitaire « Où est Arthur »Des recommandations fondamentales sur les dangers présents sur InternetUn point sur les logiciels de contrôle Les internautes, en particulier les plus jeunes, sont souvent exposés à des dangers dont ils n’ont pas réellement conscience. The Big Challenge! Mme CALARD Yours truly, Learn Languages Online For Free Through Music Videos and Song Lyrics: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Secondary: English: KS3 Prose: Prose by Title: Private Peaceful teaching resources. Macmillan | Digital Delights for Learners. FREE ESL Topics, PRINTABLE PDF Downloads, Handouts & Lessons | BonusHandouts. Poetry By Heart. Learn ESL Present Perfect Verb Tense English Grammar Rap Song with Collo and Fluency MC! Fluency MC. Fluency MC.

Grand tour of Manhattan, New York, USA. Today we present our largest virtual tour «Grand tour of Manhattan, New York». There are 30 panoramas in the tour. Some of them are completely new and some have been shown in our earlier tours: «Sunset and Dusk Time View of Manhattan», «Day view of Manhattan» and «New York, I love you». In 2006 I shot our very first spherical aerial panorama, from which the AirPano project started, in the beautiful place of the Colorado and the San Juan rivers confluence (USA): The result was overwhelming – by looking at the large screen one had a total illusion of flying over the canyon.

And so we decided to continue our experiments. The next attempt was made in 2007 above the island of Manhattan. I remember this photo shoot by one funny detail: there were no headphones for passengers in the helicopter's cabin. After that incident, when hiring a helicopter I always ask: Do you have passenger headphones in the cabin? And now there are some interesting facts bout Manhattan. Text by Oleg Gaponyuk. The LanguagePoint - Resources. Aunt Edna's Kitchen. Learning: online learning resources.

BBC Learning - English: Free resources and online courses. Learning English - Home. Learning English - Words in the News. LearnEnglish | British Council. Des jeux pour apprendre l'anglais aux enfants.

Mikesclass / classroom-English-for-teachers. A key question here is what kinds of things to teachers need to say in the classroom. What kinds of teacher talk do you use? What do you say? Do you use English? Some common "teacher moves" are: chatting giving instructions repairing instructions modeling eliciting explaining checking concepts correcting errors reformulating student utterances encouraging students participating in an activity facilitating a group discussion performing classroom rituals like taking attendance Here are some useful sentences/expressions for starting class.

Here are some useful sentences/expressions for doing listening activities in class. Here are some useful sentences/expressions for saying goodbye/finishing up the lesson. (Don't try to memorize them all!) Mike always talks about eliciting. Here is a fantastic article about using the mother tongue in the English classroom from a teacher in Poland. Here are some very useful tips for giving instructions. a handbook of classroom english.pdf. Teaching Vocabulary | My English LanguageMy English Language. Making new words memorable Teaching vocabulary is a vital part of any English language course.

Many teachers are concerned about how to teach vocabulary. New words have to be introduced in such a way as to capture the students’ attention and place the words in their memories. Students need to be aware of techniques for memorising large amounts of new vocabulary in order to progress in their language learning. English vocabulary learning can often be seen as a laborious process of memorising lists of unrelated terms. However, there are many other much more successful and interesting ways to learn and teach vocabulary in the EFL classroom. How to teach vocabulary to EFL students If English vocabulary is taught in an uninteresting way such as by drilling, simple repetition and learning lists, then the words are likely to be forgotten.

Teachers need to teach vocabulary so that the words are learned in a memorable way, in order for them to stick in the long-term memory of the student. Idioms. La classe d'anglais. Learning that's fun for kids and easy for parents - StoryBots. CBBC Newsround | UK | Private Peaceful wins top award.

Updated 12 June 2004, 19.42 Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo has won the Red House Children's Book Award 2004, the only book award judged purely by children. It saw off stiff competition from Jacqueline Wilson's Lola Rose and Garth Nix's Lirael to take the overall winner title at the swanky ceremony in London. A whopping 93,000 votes were cast this year from kids all over the UK who tried and tested a total of 702 books.

Michael Morpurgo described the event as "a celebration of children's writing". Michael could not be there so his 15-year-old granddaughter, Lea accepted the award on his behalf. Thrilled In her speech she told the audience: "I know how absolutely thrilled Michael would have been to be here to receive such an amazing, significant prize. "At the end of the day knowing his book is enjoyed by children makes it so worthwhile. Emotional Private Peaceful is a very emotional story set in the trenches of World War One. Rewarded So to win this really is quite an achievement! Learn British English. MMG's English blog at PMCurie - Goodies to practice your English ! RhinoSpike : Foreign Language Audio on Demand!

English Lesson Plans from Real News. Mr. Brainwash Dot Com. Mr. Brainwash Dot Com. Mr. Harry's educational songs and videos for KIDS! Student News. British English key word: cheers « Learn British English. Picture Dictionary | Picture Dictionary for Kids. Turning the Pages™, the British Library. Wired for Books: poems, stories, plays, essays, lectures, and interviews for children and adults. -- Online library and language lab -- copyright-free English texts and recordings. Enseignement de Littérature en Langue Etrangère - série L - Anglais - Académie de LYON.

Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images! My English Printable Worksheets | Physical Description. It's FLUENCY MC! - Home. English as a Second Language Podcast. Langues en ligne » Accueil. Langues en ligne » Anglais. Emilangues | Le site d'accompagnement pour les sections européennes ou de langues orientales. Synonyms for words commonly used in student's writing.

"Good" (Synonyms) flashcards. E4-13 Bad » TextProject. Saying "It's Good" in Many Generational Languages. Des cabines téléphoniques recyclées en bibliothèques. Chansons - CRDP de l'académie de Dijon.

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