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Facebook Twitter ©2010 Barsnake LLC. What do the FI Codes in dealer mode mean. First you need to get the code.

What do the FI Codes in dealer mode mean

To get the code, there is a white plug under the hump with a black rubber cap and two wires. This is where the dealer hooks the Mode Select Switch. Remove the rubber cap and short the two wires with a paper clip. Don't let the clip short against the frame. The LCD on the Tachometer will now show the codes. 2008 Suzuki SV650 Parts, 2008 Suzuki SV650 OEM Parts. Motorbike Reviews.

5 things no-one told you about becoming a biker - Features. The Kneeslider — Motorcycle News for Positive People. Kickboxer Diesel and All Wheel Drive. Kickboxer diesel motorcycle concept by Ian McElroy Remember Ian McElroy's Kickboxer?

Kickboxer Diesel and All Wheel Drive

That was a really wild concept powered by the Subaru WRX engine. Well, Ian's at it again, he had been tossing around the idea of a diesel bike for some time and thought, "Hey, Subaru makes a diesel, it's more compact than the gasoline engine, it's powerful, gets great mileage, why not? " So he sat down and got to work. He says making the engine fit was relatively easy, but he also decided to differentiate the diesel bike from the original with new bodywork, swingarms, and a different turbo layout. Kickboxer AWD diesel concept by Ian McElroy The standard bike features lightweight composite bodywork, under seat radiator, front mounted intercooler, LED lighting, and under engine turbocharger.

Kickboxer AWD diesel motorcycle concept by Ian McElroy Ian is a stickler for detail, on his first Kickboxer design, Ian said, "I designed the model to be accurate and realistic enough to build a real bike from. Suzuki SV650 Forum: SV650, SV1000, Gladius Forums. On Your Bike! - - SV650 & Gladius 650 Forum. TPS Adjustment Step-by-Step Pictorial Guide - - SV650 & Gladius 650 Forum. ThrottlePositionSensor (TPS) Adjustment Step-By–Step Guide **Before undertaking this modification, I strongly recommend that you read the instructions through from start to finish & have them to hand during the process** You will need: A length of fairly thin wire (multi-core like the stuff you get on the end of cheap jap speakers is what I found worked best) A Size 25 Security Torx bit (available here, product number 285-9488) 1: You will need to make your ‘dealer mode tool’… Simply take a piece of wire about 3 inches long and strip back about 8mm of the insulating sheath (twist the cores together on multi-core cable). 2: Undo the side panels under the saddle… And remove the saddle… 3: Undo the tank retaining bolts… Lift the tank & prop up with the tank prop (surprisingly!!)

TPS Adjustment Step-by-Step Pictorial Guide - - SV650 & Gladius 650 Forum

4: Run the engine until at it’s normal operating temperature (most are around 85-90 degrees – I plump for 86!!) 5: Check & adjust your idle speed… It should be about 1200rpm. Motorcyclenewsdotcom's Channel. MCN is the world's number one motorcycle publication Welcome to, the online arm of the weekly publication Motor Cycle News.

motorcyclenewsdotcom's Channel

With nearly half a billion papers sold and more than 1.5 billion readers entertained and informed over its 50-year history, MCN can lay claim to being the world's leading source of biking news. aims to reinforce that claim with the same dedication and expertise which has made MCN's voice the one the industry listens to -- that's because we speak on behalf of you. Penned from a one-room office on London's Fleet Street, the first issue of MCN led with the exclusive story of multiple GP world champion Geoff Duke's ban from the sport for supporting a riders' strike, while inside editor and founder Cyril Quantrill's first ever leader column impugned the sport's highest councils for their cavalier treatment of privateer riders.

A legend had been born. View more great motorcycling videos on the MCN channel: Paddock Stands (Rear) Motorcycle Rear Swingarm Paddock Stand.