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Échange de bonnes pratiques entre libraires. Indies Forward Aims to Unite Young Bookselling Professionals. A group of young booksellers from around the country are teaming up to launch Indies Forward, a new volunteer organization dedicated to cultivating, supporting, and sustaining the emerging generation of innovators and leaders in the bookselling industry.

Indies Forward Aims to Unite Young Bookselling Professionals

Conversations among younger booksellers at Winter Institute 2016 in Denver and again at the fall regional trade shows indicated to Kim Hooyboer, a bookseller at The Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, and her colleagues that there was a strong desire for tailored networking and education opportunities for young booksellers and for an understanding of how to make bookselling a career. Depp, who previously worked at Washington, D.C.’s Politics & Prose and is now the operations director at WORD, said Indies Forward’s mission is twofold.

“On the one hand we are dedicated to encouraging the next generation of booksellers to stay in the industry and grow, and on the other hand to challenge the industry itself to evolve,” she said. Winter Institute Program. Pre-registration required.

Winter Institute Program

Space is limited.Booksellers and International Guests (only) may participate in one of four tours to Minneapolis-area bookstores and publisher offices. Registration closes when the tours reach capacity. Full-day tour– $35 pp Half-day tour – $25 pp SOLD OUT TOUR 1 (Full-day): Departs 9 am, Hyatt Regency Capstone, Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers, Common Good Books, Red Balloon Bookshop, SubText Books, Addendum Books, Open Book/Milkweed, Hyatt Regency SOLD OUT TOUR 2 (Full-day): Departs 9 am, Hyatt Regency Coffee House Press, Moon Palace Books, Addendum Books, Daybreak Press Global Bookshop, Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Once Upon a Crime, Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers, Open Book/Milkweed, Hyatt Regency.

Leadership Workshop for Owners and Managers (pre-reg required) Pre-registration required; $125 pp.

Leadership Workshop for Owners and Managers (pre-reg required)

Space is limited. This full-day workshop will introduce principles and competencies for developing leadership skills in yourself and others. Best Practices for First-Time Managers. Advanced Education Session to Teach the Art of “Managing Managers” At the Winter Institute 12 advanced education session “Managing Managers,” Business Women’s Circle (BWC) co-founder and CEO Lani Basa will teach bookstore owners and managers some of the best strategies for communicating, delegating, training, and thriving through skillfully empowering managers.

Advanced Education Session to Teach the Art of “Managing Managers”

“One of the big pieces of advice for owners would be to let go,” Basa told Bookselling This Week. “I find this no matter whether you are a bookstore owner or not, the hardest thing to do is to let go of control and managing every aspect of the business. “To managers, the biggest piece of advice I give is to understand and be clear on what the expectations are — the expectations of you, your role, and the duties you have to perform or what you have to accomplish with the team. Ultimately, you are trying to achieve something for the owner, whether it is doing something specific or just meeting sales goals, and if you are clear on what the expectations are, it will be easier for you to do that.”