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Cck (module[3] drupal[2])

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CCK Pager. CCK Pager allows to page the item list of any CCK field with multiple values.

CCK Pager

The module extends others CCK formatter by paging the field item list; setting the number of elements per page and pager type (full or mini) can be made per field.It only works with versions of CCK >= 6.x-2.5. 7.x-version Version 7.x is incomplete because there isn't still a working upgrade path. Example of usage Photogallery With CCK Pager, you can create a simple photogallery, here's an example: enable imagecache module and set a preset for the thumbnails.enable the lightbox2 module.create a content type "photogallery" and add a image field with unlimited cadinality.enable the cck_pager module.enable the pagination in the image field configuration and add the required settings; settings can be per build mode.create a photogallery by inserting how many images you want.

CCK Table Field. This module adds a CCK table field type that lets you add a table display to any content type without having to manually enter HTML.

CCK Table Field

It currently parses text data to form the header and row content. The output is generated by the theme system, so you don't have to worry about formatting valid HTML or adding all those little classes yourself. CCK Select Other. CCK Select Other introduces an alternative select list widget that provides a user with either a select list or text input.

CCK Select Other

Features Supports most list_type fields except boolean, which allows to swap out the select widget at any time.Provides field formatterDrupal 6/7: Removes the need to use "Allowed Values" text area. It is supported, but not recommended.Supports Field CollectionViews filter and field support Known issues i18n is not supported because i18n does not support form element children correctly. Release status 8.x-1.x: Initial development completed (from the last 6 months of struggling with figuring out how to override core's Constraint validator).7.x-2.x: Better support for field collection, list_integer.7.x-1.x: 1.1 stable released. Drupal 8: How it works The decoupling of fields and widgets caused much issue with this module as a field no longer understands what widget a value came from. Drupal 6: How it works CCK renders the form element as fieldset with multiple elements.

CCK List. This module adds a CCK list field type, that lets you add a list display to any content type, without having to manually enter HTML.

CCK List

To be more specific, it adds a textarea field. Every row in the textarea will be a list point. The output is generated by the theme system, so you don't have to worry about forming valid HTML or adding all those little classes yourself. Under the cck(d6)/fields(d7) display option you can choose to display the list as an ordered or unordered list. This module behaves like CCK Table. This module is sponsored by Themes 24/7 and is developed by Tyler Struyk.

CCK et Views, un tuto de David Newkerk. CCK, pour enrichir vos contenus - Modules D. CCK Module Basics. Content Templates (Contemplate) NOTE: This module *may* be deprecated in Drupal 7 !

Content Templates (Contemplate)

Here's your reason, basically the theming changes in D7 mean the field theming gets bound a lot lot later in the process, so it's not possible to generate the output into a Textarea for you to edit - that said, it is possible that we can come at this from another angle and use tokens instead BUT it means what you see in contemplate admin page will be nothing at all similar to the output. You can view more on taking this module forwards here The Content Template (a.k.a. ConTemplate) module allows modification of Drupal's teaser and body fields using administrator defined templates. These templates use PHP code and all of the node object variables are available for use in the template. This module was written to solve a need with the Content Construction Kit (CCK), where it had a tendency toward outputting content in a not-very-pretty way.

Content Construction Kit (CCK)