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Model mesh rigging

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Pricing/Order - JimmyRIG. Upon start, the application connects to an online license server at startup and automatically updates to the latest revision of the software.

Pricing/Order - JimmyRIG

We basically don't care where you run your license from, but you will only be able to run the number of registerred licenses simultaneously. So if you use Jimmy|RIG at home but also want to use it at work, it will not be a problem as long as you don't use it at both places at the same time. What this means, is in order to run Jimmy|RIG, you need to have Internet access. Most of the time for a single user of Jimmy|RIG, a single license should be sufficient. We wanted to make it easy for people to get into Jimmy|RIG and therefore, anyone that buys Jimmy|RIG Lite and later wants to upgrade to Jimmy|RIG Pro can do so for the difference in price between the versions.

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