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Tor Frick - 3D artist. Muppet works. ArtofGon. Jonathan Fletcher - 3D Artist. Gallery. Gallery / Resume / Links eat 3d contest wip Back to top © Michael Vicente / Orb.


FAFArt. Max Davenport – Freelance Artist. Ange Sarric - 3D Artist. Jonathan Fletcher - 3D Artist. sPankyAce. Doug Kavanagh. [UDK] Forgotten Keep - Hand painted Dungeon. Wonderful texture work and modelling skills there @Sayanora!

[UDK] Forgotten Keep - Hand painted Dungeon

My one critique, as @Gannon mentioned, is that the flooring is really detracting from the solid composition of the scene. As there is a lot of noise and clutter, it is hard to distinguish where the player should be walking. Richard Malinar - Environment art / 3d modeling. Pior Oberson - character artist.