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Jonathan Fletcher - 3D Artist
Max Davenport – Freelance Artist
Ange Sarric - 3D Artist
Jonathan Fletcher - 3D Artist
Ok, so my current task for HaloWars is to create a dead tree. I've done several of the trees in the game, so I have a pretty good feel for what it takes to make a tree look good from game view (small textures, low poly count, and alphatest). I wouldn't normally us Zbrush for any small RTS type object because you lose all the cool detail Zbrush gives you when you have to crunch the textures down, but I need to start using it more so I'm going to be less productive than normal. I first had to watch all the tutorial videos from the web because all the teachings of Paul Warzecha had somehow managed to fall out of my brain. After watching those I got to it. Here is my model I imported in from Max with UV's already layed out. sPankyAce sPankyAce
Doug Kavanagh
[UDK] Forgotten Keep - Hand painted Dungeon [UDK] Forgotten Keep - Hand painted Dungeon Wonderful texture work and modelling skills there @Sayanora! My one critique, as @Gannon mentioned, is that the flooring is really detracting from the solid composition of the scene. As there is a lot of noise and clutter, it is hard to distinguish where the player should be walking.
Richard Malinar - Environment art / 3d modeling