Get Physical
Label: Ostgut Ton
[-] - V.4
Infiné - easy music for the hard to please

Infiné - easy music for the hard to please

Rone // Touring throughout Europe, videos with the Creators Project, remixes driving clubs wild around the globe, tracks with John Stanier ( Battles), The National and more coming soon… In 2013, Rone’s musical universe expanded to include live shows, new mixes of genres and styles, collaborations and a lot of travelling, culminating in a sold out show at Paris’ huge, prestigious Olympia concert venue. In 2014 it’s goodbye Berlin - Rone has built a new studio in France to work on the follow-up to "Tohu Bohu", but there’s no way to keep him in one place. On 7th April 2014, he’ll be celebrating the release of his new single whilst on his first proper American tour.