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Guided Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World. All of the meditations on this page are taken from our book ‘Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World’.

Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World

The book contains the complete 8 week mindfulness course developed at Oxford University. The sound files can take 10-20 seconds before they begin to play. The Chocolate Meditation Connecting with your senses is one of the core benefits of Mindfulness meditation. Many traditions use nuts or fruit as the focus for a meditation on the senses of taste, smell and touch. Mindfulness Meditation of the Body and Breath Every meditation tradition begins with daily practices that help to focus a scattered mind. Body Scan Meditation The Body Scan meditation helps you to explore the difference between thinking about a sensation and experiencing it directly. The Befriending Meditation When life really begins to get you down…. Sounds and Thoughts Meditation Sounds are as compelling as thoughts and just as immaterial and open to interpretation. Three Minute Breathing Space.

Free Resources - Free Mindfulness. Guided Mindfulness Exercises To download a particular guided mindfulness exercise click 'Download' in the right hand column, or right-click and select 'Save as...'.

Free Resources - Free Mindfulness

All of the audio files are in MP3 format and under 20MB size. Mindfulness of breath These short mindfulness exercises focus on bringing awareness to the process of breathing. As something that we are doing all of the time, watching our breath allows us to come into the present moment and practice being aware. Audio – Accept and Change. Free Practical Audio Exercises. Printer-friendly versionSend by email Six ACT Conversations These audio files are easy-to-understand, excellent resources for walking through the ACT model step-by-step and learning how to apply it to your life.

Free Practical Audio Exercises

Each segment consists of multiple parts, so you may wish to do a little bit of the exercises at a time. Visit 6 ACT Conversations at RMIT University in Australia for more information. The audio files and accompanying worksheets are available for downloading. MBSR Guided Audio & Video Exercises - UC San Diego Health System. RMIT University Counselling Service: 6 ACT Conversations - Mindfulness and being present. Mindfulness & Relaxation. The Melbourne Mindfulness Centre has a number of mindfulness and relaxation tracks.

Mindfulness & Relaxation

A CD is available free to clients. Tracks may be downloaded and distributed free. If you pass them to others please include the web address Body Scan Meditation : M Cullen. Integrative Health Partners - Resources. An image about practicing meditation that may be helpful is that of standing at a railroad crossing, watching a freight train passing by.

Integrative Health Partners - Resources

In each transparent boxcar, there is a thought. We try to look straight ahead into the present, but our attachments draw our attention into the contents of the passing boxcars: we identify with the various thoughts. As we attend to the train, we notice there's supper in one boxcar, but we just ate, so we're not pulled by that one. The laundry list is the next one, so we reflect for a moment on the blue towel hanging on the line to dry, but we wake up quite quickly to the present once again, as the next boxcar has someone in it meditating and we recall what we're doing.

A few more boxcars go by with thoughts clearly recognized as thoughts. We stick to some and we don't stick to others. Then, we notice as we look straight ahead that we're starting to be able to see between the cars. Mindfulness meditations’s stream. Full instructions by Mindfulness Meditation. Introduction to mindfulness by Symran. Vipassana - Thinking Process Meditation (30') Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan 15 minutes. MEDITATION - 20 Minute Guided Meditation to Reduce Stress.

Caroline's Mindfulness’s stream. Mindfulness meditation guided. Mindful Meditations. Dharma.gus’s stream. Explore mindfulness. "mindfulness of breathing intro and lead-through" by ratnaprabha. UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. Mindful Meditations. UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. A Listening Meditation - Alan Watts. 20 minute Guided Mindfulness Exercise.

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) - For Clinicians. For Clinicians: Upcoming Professional Trainings for Clinicians: April 30 - May 5, 2015 5-Day The Royal Ottawa Healthcare Group at Galilee Retreat Centre Arnprior, Ontario Canada Aug 23-28, 2015: 5-day residential training at the Omega Institute in upstate New York.

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) - For Clinicians

June 28, 2015 5-day intensive trainings are offered in upstate New York, Northern California and Washington through University of California San Diego (UCSD) Center for Mindfulness. The next training offered through UCSD is a 5-day residential training June 28, 2015, on Whidbey Island, outside of Seattle, Washington. Ongoing: Action on Addiction in the UK is offering a comprehensive training program in MBRP. Consultation and Supervision: For questions regarding research or clinical consultation or supervision, please use the Contact Form Clinician's Guide to MBRP: For information and purchasing, click here MBRP Audio Recordings: Please feel free to download these MP3s for your personal use or to share with clients.

"Big Mind" Mindfulness Meditation by Joseph Goldstein. Guided Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation with Joseph Goldstein (Satipatthana Sutta)