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Gunstringer_Annc_FINAL.wmv. Child of Eden. Kinect Brunswick Pro Bowling Screenshots & Game Info. Going for Gold – Rare – Blog. It’s often said that there’s a fine line between success and true greatness.

Going for Gold – Rare – Blog

In the case of my own Kinect Sports javelin high score, that fine line is so wide you could probably fit a slightly overweight blue whale on it, and still have room left over. Yes, we’ve been scouring through the Xbox Live server stats for Sports and have compiled a list of the world’s highest scores. And as you might have expected, some of them are truly staggering and even beat many of those designers, programmers and artists who made the game. Let us know if you’ve broken one of these world records via our Kinect Sports Facebook page. Congratulations if you’re already responsible for one of the incredible scores below, we’ll no doubt all be breaking a sweat trying to top some of these results this week. Yoostar 2: Using Kinect (Xbox 360) Kinect Sports. Microsoft Kinect (Natal) press conference E3 2010 - Part 5 of 5.