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Miskolc Opera Festival

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International Opera Festival Miskolc. Opera Rock Show Miskolc - Operafesztivál. Opera Rock Show sur MySpace Music - Ecoute gratuite de MP3, Phot. Chaîne de operarockshow. Upload Subscription preferences Loading...

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Working... operarockshow. Miskolc Opera Festival. The Miskolc Opera Festival or International Opera Festival of Miskolc (Miskolci Nemzetközi Operafesztivál) is a cultural event held every summer in Miskolc, the capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary.

Miskolc Opera Festival

The event offers a selection of opera performances with the participations of famous artists from all over the world and was created by Péter Müller Sziámi, the former art director of the National Theatre of Miskolc in 2001. The main venue is the National Theatre of Miskolc, the current building dating from 1847. The Classical Conspiracy (Live) : Epica - Spirit of Metal Webzin. The classical conspiracy. The Miskolc Experience (Live) : Therion (SWE) - Spirit of Metal. Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah Therion Miskolc Exerience Goes Classi. Therion - Dies Irae (from" Requiem") (Mozart) The Miskolc Experience.