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Cloud. Institute for Internet and Society - beta. Writing systems, computers and people. 2013.07.10 We have added a new tab to writing system and character pages to show grapheme and phoneme information.

Writing systems, computers and people

Currently we only have data for a handful of languages, such as Spanish; if you can help us by providing grapheme and phoneme data for a language, please get in touch! We have also improved the presentation of pages for retired language codes such as Wirangu (wiw). 2013.03.05 If you know the inventory of characters required by a particular writing system, we have a nice new interface for submitting that information. We have also added transliteration information for a number of scripts. The search function has been enhanced to ignore diacritics (so a search for 'Bete' will find 'Bété'). 2012.09.12 Case mappings have been added to our character pages, whilst our language pages have been greatly enhanced with links to other linguistic websites.

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Howard rheingold's. Archivo. Sharism. The hyperconnected Here They Come ! Beyond the Information Audit: Checking the health of an Organization's Information System. Information audit, needs assessment, knowledge inventory — all are names for a process that examines the secret life of information within an organization.

Beyond the Information Audit: Checking the health of an Organization's Information System

Where does the information come from? Where does it go? How is it used? How transformed? Who keeps it? The problem with all the names for the process is that they're too narrow. Just as medical exams vary according to the age and physical condition of the patient, an information checkup should be customized to the organization. Just what can an information checkup do for an established corporate library? You get a new boss who never worked for a company with a library. The first step is to define your goal for the checkup: Once you have your goals clearly defined, you can approach your manager. How do you obtain that level of support? Next, you need to identify consultants who conduct information checkups. Present background on your current library operations and a description of your organization.

Ask open-ended questions. Breu història de l\\\'ètica de la informació. Compartir archivos. Para enviar archivos grandes sin usar el email existen en la Web varios sites que prestan el servicio de alojamientos de archivos (files, ficheros) para aquellas personas que necesitan un archivo compartir con un colega o amigos y el archivo en cuestión es demasiado grande para mandarlo por el correo electrónico. Este servicio también se conoce con el nombre de servicios de descarga directa. Aunque desde hace muchos años existen herramientas para comprimir archivos, es conveniente recordar que el ratio de compresión depende del tipo de archivo que queramos comprimir. Por lo tanto no siempre es posible comprimir el fichero de tal manera que lo podamos mandar como adjunto de un email. Como Subir y Compartir Archivos Online. Exit - - Directorio de expertos en el tratamiento de la información. Observatorio de las Telecomunicaciones y la Sociedad de la Información. Tesis: Hipertexto el nuevo concepto de documento en la cultura de la imagen.