Martial Arts

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Qigong Summary. Bodycard 0153. Qi gong (Chi Kung) The Life Touch of Healing. Qi Gong - Energy Mastery. THE SWORD. Wing Chun. Jujitsu. Jujitsu. Hapkido. Kali Fighting Techniques. General Martial Arts, MMA. Capoeira. Krav Maga. Muay Thai. Tae Kwon Do. Shotokan Karate-Do. Videos. Savate. Boxing. Wrestling. Aikido.

  1. alphast Feb 26 2013
    I think it is some kind of Kung-Fu. But my memory could fail me.
  2. reel Feb 26 2013
    En : Somebody know which kind of martial art use Lili in Token ? I am looking for information. :-) Fr : Je cherche quelle est l'art martial pratiqué par le personnage Lili dans le jeu vidéo Token. Est-ce qu'un membre de l'équipe a une idée ?
  3. jasonwynn Feb 25 2013
    Thanks for the member invitation. Nice set of pearls!
  4. robinv Oct 3 2012
    It would probably be better to separate traditional (Japanese) jiu-jitsu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Could also make a pearltree FMA (Filipino martial arts) for kali/arnis/escrima.
  5. pdk117 Aug 4 2012
    Thx for making me part of your team
  6. pinkcat423 Nov 17 2011
    Awesome :) thanks! I'm sure this will help a lot of people in addition to me :)
  7. troyadamcucchiara Nov 17 2011
    I just added two that look very informative.
  8. troyadamcucchiara Nov 17 2011
    Hi Pinkcat, You are welcome to join and add a website of TaeKwon-Do if you know of a good one or I will go ahead and do it when I have adequate time to research them :)
  9. pinkcat423 Nov 17 2011
    Please add a TaeKwon-Do section to your Martial Arts pearl!