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Winnipeg virtually ignores Marshall McLuhan on centenary of his birth Was the seed of "the medium is the message" sowed in a classroom at Gladstone School during the First World War? Did Marshall McLuhan first ponder the concept of the global village because of an inspirational teacher at Earl Grey School or Kelvin High School? Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the 20th century's greatest thinkers, a man who foresaw, and possibly propelled, a revolution in global communications and community. McLuhan moved here to 507 Gertrude Ave. in 1915 before he turned four, attended Gladstone, Earl Grey and Kelvin, and then took both his undergraduate degree and his master's at the University of Manitoba. He died in 1980. Winnipeg virtually ignores Marshall McLuhan on centenary of his birth
Marshall McLuhan Speaks — Centennial 2011 Marshall McLuhan Speaks — Centennial 2011 The year 2011 marks Marshall McLuhan’s 100th birthday. For more than half a century, his thoughts have been hotly debated, discussed, and interpreted in myriad ways. Yet very few people have actually heard McLuhan speak. They have not had the opportunity to see and hear him explain what he meant by his best-known sayings, “The medium is the message,” “global village,” and others. Today, a historic opportunity begins for the whole world to hear what he said and what he meant simply by going to the Internet — a medium that he himself presaged almost five decades ago.
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