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Social Network Guide - A List of Social Networks Social Network Guide - A List of Social Networks Social Networks can be a great home on the web, can help you connect with people or reconnect with long-lost friends, and can even help your career by making business contacts. Social networks range from friends-based networks like Facebook and MySpace to music and movie networks like Flixster and Last.FM to business social networks like LinkedIn and XING. Social Networking Basics
Social Media In Learning Social Media In Learning Photo taken by Jay Cross, 5 November 2010 The Internet Time Alliance is running two major Workshops next week, one in Maastricht in the Netherlands, and one in London . As part of the introduction to the day, each of the 5 of us, is going to explain how, from very different backgrounds we have arrived at the same place in our belief that it is all about working smarter. Harold has written about his journey from ADDIE through HPT and Social Learning here: Getting to working smarter . Below I describe my journey from E-Learning to Social Business and what has influenced me along the way. (BTW this is a longer version than I will be providing at the workshops, but since I frequently get asked about my background and what I have done, I thought I would add a little colour as this might be of interest or use to some.)
Games are amazing vehicles for learning. Watching my almost three-year-old do puzzles is awe inspiring, not the least of which because she currently thinks of the alphabet as one giant puzzle that unlocks books, another thing she loves. That drive means that she has known her alphabet for a while and can now spell her first and last name with scrabble letters. The Social Organization The Social Organization
Social Business Networking - A List of Business Social Networks Business social networks can provide the cornerstone to recruiting efforts for a company and can be a great asset to the hungry professional hoping to leverage their business contacts in order to improve their job. Focused on business, these social networks provides the tools needed to reach out and make business connections, find new jobs, or find specialized job seekers. Whether you are looking for a promotion or looking for new opportunities, social business networking can be just the thing to advance your career. Business social networks are also a boon to recruiters looking to fill urgent vacancies. CompanyLoop Social Business Networking - A List of Business Social Networks
What is Social Networking? - Social Networking Explained Social Networking has become very popular during the past few years, but it can still be very difficult to understand for someone new to social networking. The open-ended nature of social networks add to this. Once signed onto a social network, having answered a few basic profile questions, it is easy to sit back and wonder what you are supposed to do next. The easiest way to understand social networking is to think of it like high school. You had friends in school, and you knew quite a few people even if you weren't friends with all of them, but it's likely that you didn't know everyone. If you ever moved to a new school -- or if you can imagine moving to a new school -- you start out with no friends. What is Social Networking? - Social Networking Explained
Directory of E-Learning Tools: Social networks Directory of E-Learning Tools: Social networks DIRECTORY OF LEARNING TOOLS 2011 Social networks and collaboration spaces These social media platforms include public social networks as well as tools to create private collaborative, social spaces for groups or communities, as well as enterprise collaboration systems (with multiple group sites), NOW includes Micro-sharing tools. NOTE: Formal social learning management systems appear here . Public social networks and collaboration platforms | Group and team collaboration tools | Community and enterprise platforms
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ — blueKiwi, the global conversation company, today announced the availability of a free version of the blueKiwi Social Business Platform. Designed for marketers, community managers and innovation teams, the new, free version delivers all of the social media tools necessary to create vibrant online communities with external audiences. Now companies can deliver communities for customers, partners and prospects directly from their website. The easy-to-use interface makes it easier for any community manager to engage with members and bring the most important conversations inside the organization for analysis. With blueKiwi, companies can leverage the conversations from their user groups, channel programs and developer communities in order to increase brand recognition and drive business. In addition, blueKiwi has also launched the Fruitful Conversations Community. blue blue
What is Hubze? Business Site for Personal Branding and Social Me What is Hubze? Business Site for Personal Branding and Social Me Mar Read down to the end of the comments for the latest Hubze news! People often ask me to have a look at brand new social networking sites. I typically decline, as I prefer to invest my time checking out social sites that have already gained acceptance.
Ages: Social Networks — Learn How Human Business Works - Beyond Social Wow! So, Wiley had to push the book back a few weeks to deal with some last minute stuff (probably my fault), and so that gives me just a little more time to lay some groundwork. For YOU, that means if you’re thinking of having an event and if you want to take advantage of the absolutely most affordable way to have me speak live and in person to your community and event, there’s still time. — Learn How Human Business Works - Beyond Social


A month or so ago, Micah Sifry offered me a chance to respond to Andrew Keen, author of the forthcoming Cult of the Amateur, at a panel at last week’s Personal Democracy Forum (PdF). The book is a polemic against the current expansion of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of association. Also on the panel were Craig Newmark and Robert Scoble, so I was in good company; my role would, I thought, be easy — be pro-amateur production, pro-distributed creation, pro-collective action, and so on, things that come naturally to me. What I did not expect was what happened — I ended up defending Keen, and key points from Cult of the Amateur, against a panel of my peers. I won’t review CotA here, except to say that the book is going to get a harsh reception from the blogosphere. Many-to-Many:
Millions of smart professionals are networking online Let's get Spocial. Do you Spocialize? Spocial is a fast growing community of professionals worldwide working to improve themselves, their families, and the world. Spocial
Google got Facebook application today, allowing you to share search results with friends. In fact, search is becoming increasingly social, with both the top search engines and startups incorporating users into the process of generating the best possible results. In our social search guide, we look at more than 40 search engines that either include user input in generating results or allow you to find information about people across a multitude of social networks and public records. SOCIAL SEARCH GUIDE: 40+ Social Search Engines
50 Excellent Online Communities for Lifelong Learners - Learn-ga Whether you are looking for a little added information on what you are already studying in school in Alabama or would like to connect with others who share your interests as a business professional or avid hobbyist, these online communities all offer an excellent opportunity to continue your search for knowledge. From reading to learning a new language to becoming a financial wizard to travel to saving the Earth, these groups offer a chance for learning as well as reaching out to others online. Books and Reading These online communities are united around a love for books and reading.
Creating greater value: participation in Milton Keynes - Neighbo Back in the summer I worked with Bev Carter reviewing levels of social and civic participation in Milton Keynes. The report has just been published by Citizens:MK - click on the research tab here. For a small study it's quite a lengthy report, because a lot of stuff came up.
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Below is a SCORE marketing plan outline, an excerpt from SCORE’s business plan template in Word format. Find full text of both at the preceding links. While not specific to social networking websites, a marketing plan helps you to systematically think through various aspects of marketing and sales. See also our post on marketing plans for social networks. And our page on a social network business plan. SCORE Marketing Plan Outline
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