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0007496 Titanium Two Hole Pad Eye 66mm long for 1/4 inch Flat Head Screws - Allied Titanium Market. Import.pdf. Miami Cordage | Florida Wire & Rigging Works. Stewart Products. 316L Stainless steel Gas Springs - SFC from Specialty Fasteners & Components. DRAW LATCH MANUFACTURERS | Latch Accessories | Briefcase Locks | Lock Accessories | Adjustable Latch | Drawbolt-Lock. Check out Eberhard Manufacturing’s unique range of specialty and standard industrial hardware products | Eberhard Manufacturing Company. Tappex Product - HiMould. The Tappex HiMould range of brass threaded inserts has been designed as a technical advancement on the Yardley style of insert, specifically for moulding-in during the cycle of the moulding machine. This is the traditional method of placing metal inserts in plastic mouldings, although normally the insert is laboriously screwed onto threaded pins located inside the mould tool.

Moulding-in With the HiMould range of thread inserts, this costly and inefficient process becomes unnecessary, as the insert can be rapidly located on to Plain Pins giving higher productivity and reducing tool down time. Despite the use of plain pins the unique design of the HiMould insert still gives guaranteed flash free threads. Thermoplastic and plastic mouldings Tappex HiMould inserts have become widely used in all types of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic mouldings.

Types of HiMould thread inserts All material types can be used with HiMould inserts, whenever components are being moulded or cast. SEAVIEW PROGRESS. Made of 316L Stainless Steel and Brass, Floor Anchors will not corrode, discolor with age, or damage the wood surface.Floor anchors safely hold 500 lbs. per unit - 1000 lb. breaking load.Meets ISAF requirements for offshore boats.Opening mechanism is a simple bayonet style, with ¼ turn lock and release that will not loosen with age.Can be opened or closed by either a coin or a flat head screwdriver.All components permanently attached - no loose pieces to drop in the bilge.

About Us | Monitor Marine International. Monitor Marine International was formed twenty-five years ago with the specific purpose of supplying unique precision engineered products to the marine industry worldwide; ‘the ultimate superyacht hardware’. These innovative products create new standards in the visual appearance, design, function and quality of stainless steel marine fittings. Monitor Marine International has always recognized the ever-increasing standards for quality fittings demanded by Super Yacht and quality volume boat manufacturers alike. The very first products were designed and developed over a three-year period after extensive market research into the exact requirements of the industry as a whole.

The products continue to provide a winning combination of engineering excellence, durability, aesthetic good looks and give a visual continuity around the decks, cockpits and interiors of exclusive yachts. Roca Marine | Value on Board. Saint Louis Designs, Inc. - Hinges. Perko, 1221DP0CHR, Hardware, Door Latches and Hinges, Perko Flush Pull Handle 1221DP0CHR - at Friction Hinges LEECO Tech. Hanaya - Friction Hinge. Shinelot- Friction Hinge. Torque Hinges |LIFT ASSIST HINGE. Suncor Stainless. Izerwaren Inc. Southco. Quik-Latch. International orders are welcome! For more information on placing international orders, click here For decades, the preferred method of securing the air cleaner housing to a carburetor has been through the use of a wingnut. Removing and reinstalling the air cleaner housing can be a time consuming process by spinning the wingnut on and off the air cleaner stud.

Why not replace this antiquated design with a specially designed mini latch? These pieces are a perfect finishing touch to custom build on a carbureted vehicle. With a stud length of 4.10 inches (10.4 centimeters) and a thread pitch of 1/4" x 20, the air cleaner mini has enough reach to be successfully adapted to most carburetor air cleaner housings. Below are some pictures of completed installations of the Quik-Latch air cleaner minis. . $30.99 Each The polished air cleaner mini Quik-Latch is mechanically identical to the billet air cleaner mini Quik-Latch, except the latch housing is polished. Locating pin - Heinrich Kipp Werk KG. Quick couplings, multicouplings, QMC systems, tool changers: connectors for compressed air and all types of fluids - Stäubli. Content As one of the leading manufacturers of quick connector systems, Stäubli covers connection needs for all types of fluids, gases and electrical power. Our standard and specialized products, including single and multiple connectors, tool changers and quick mold change systems, combine performance, quality, safety, dependability and durability.

Quick couplings Pneumatics, hydraulics, all fluids, cooling, breathing air, alternative fuel, electrical and other applications. Multi-coupling systems Simultaneous connection of all your fluid and electrical lines. Quick mold change Magnetic, bayonet and hydraulic systems. Robotic tool changers From light duty to heavy payload applications. Market solutions Specific solutions for a broad range of industries. 3D CAD product library Secure access to Stäubli CAD files. Contact Stäubli Connectors division contacts. STRATTEC Power Access - Latch Systems.

- Decklid, Liftgate, Liftglass Overview Mechanical , power and cinching latching systems for decklid, liftgate and liftglass applications. Features and Technology Patented and proven direct drive technology Designed to meet up to 20 kN strength Only two moving components required for the non-reversible drive system Modular common components used across all Direct Drive Latches to reduce latch cost "Family Design" allows for the same basic design to be easily modified to become manual release, power release or cinching variants. - Endgate and Other Secondary Latches Mechanical latching systems for pickup truck endgate, tonneau cover, and toolbox applications. Direct release off pawl Over-molded catch to reduce noise and chuck Integrated over-slam bumper E-coated for superior corrosion protection Mechanical end row seatback or rear tray mounted seat latching systems for use in sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers and SUVs. Gripwell Fastening & Engineering Pte Ltd.

Working - Klein KAG Grab Hand Rail. Telescopic ladder - All boating and marine industry manufacturers. How to choose this product A telescopic ladder is usually mounted on a vessel's transom to facilitate entering the water and climbing back aboard. Applications These ladders are designed to render access to the craft as effortless as possible. They are found on yachts, sailboats and other types of recreational craft. Technologies Such ladders are characterized by the fact their tubular handrails are divided into several sections, each sliding into the adjacent segment. Thus, the ladder extends and retracts telescopically. How to choose Choice will depend on boat type, ladder design and the distance between the waterline and the deck at the transom. Superyacht doc marine yachting supplies Hampshire atlas davits, yacht spares, manson anchors, marine gangways, passerelles, boatshows. Premium Pantograph Hinge for Freeman 1400-series Q-A Doors. Freeman Marine Equipment, Inc. provides the finest marine and specialty closures available. Custom fabricated doors, hatches, portlights and windows.

Freeman Marine has set a new standard of performance for manually operated and powered pantograph hinges with the introduction of the "FREEMAN Premium Pantograph Hinge". The standard model of this hinge is rated to solidly support a door panel weighing up to 300lb [136kg] and can be specified for most custom sized and profile shaped panels. When required, custom versions of this hinge design can be specified that will carry substantially higher loads or for panels with unusual shape characteristics.

The "FREEMAN Premium Pantograph Hinge" utilizes lubricated bearings with lip seals on precision machined shafts to provide a smooth, low effort opening and closing action. Throughout the entire arc of the door's movement the door panel is held in a stable manner. While most of the premium details are internal and not seen, the hinge's fully painted interior shroud further assures reliable operation. Tube hinge. PANTOGRAPH DOORS. Working - Diamond Sea Glaze.