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i9M9Q.jpg (JPEG Image, 698x2835 pixels) Now We're Cooking... with Pot! In my years of getting stoned, I've found that there are generally two types of stoners: the industrious stoners and the lazy stoners. There are the folks who smoke a joint before alphabetizing their record collection, cleaning the bathroom grout with a toothbrush, or designing dynamic and user-friendly computer programs. These are people who, despite a full-time job and maintaining a grow-house, still manage to whip up a marijuana-spiked flourless chocolate cake for a weekday dinner party. Argot .com : dictionary of street drug ( cannabis, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, et al. ) slang. List of United States politicians who admit to cannabis use. List of politicians who farmed hemp[edit] Parties During prohibition[edit]

List of United States politicians who admit to cannabis use

Unbreakable Glass Bong! Marijuana use - Smoking Etiquette. Smoking Etiquette This are the guidelines to follow when smoking.

Marijuana use - Smoking Etiquette

It is by no means the 'definitive' etiquette of smoking your weed. No doubt, just like in the ways of marijuana growing, the smoking etiquette varies from country to country and we would love to learn your local customs so send them on in! The person who rolls the joint, gets to light it. Marijuana Strain Effects.