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Maison bois

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Greensburg Homestead Eco-Home - Final Boards - Site Plan & Exterior Rendering. Projects. FABRICATION LABORATORY is a group of activities ( exhibition, real-time manufacturing laboratories, workshops, conferences, etc.) which aim to analyze new three-dimensional digital manufacturing technologies - a phenomenon in constant evolution that is leading to radical changes in design and production processes.


The permanent exhibition, Full Print3d. Printing objects provides an introduction to digital fabrication through a series of projects that illustrate the conceptual implications of this type of production for design. In additive fabrication—popularly known as ‘3D printing’—an object is created by superimposing and solidifying successive, extremely thin layers of a particular material.

The work being explored developed in various disciplines, illustrates how new concepts in the production of material are emerging, thanks to the adaptation and use of additive fabrication technologies. Structure. MOB. BTP. Autoconstruction ossature bois - Le blog de etienne et lila. ACM Constructeur: construction de maison à ossature bois en Bretagne - Le blog de la maison bois, toute l'information de la maison bois. Ker Biloute, MOB dans le Finistère. Le Djoliba construction de notre maison en ossature bois ........................ 44°54.104 N - 00°30.313 E - Altitude 122 m. Post Ranch Inn : Accommodations : Ocean Houses. FabTree : la maison 100% végétale - Le blog des tendances design. Samedi 12 juin 2010 6 12 /06 /Juin /2010 15:22 Dans le futur, les propriétaires d'une maison pourront peut-être la faire pousser au lieu de la construire.

FabTree : la maison 100% végétale - Le blog des tendances design

C'est en tout cas la vision de l'architecte Mitchell Joachim.