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Online interactive autopsy. Le monde en panoramique - ViewAt. Incredible Audtiory Illusions : Holophonic Sound Recordings. Update: July 27, 2008 – Mike Costa emailed me tonight with this tidbit..

Incredible Audtiory Illusions : Holophonic Sound Recordings

I thought I’d share the information and link. Thanks to Mike for the 411. Hey, I just got a Stumble Upon your bog about “holophonic sound” today and though you might be intersted to know that it was more-than-likely recorded with one of these: A Neumann KU 100, two microphones that are essentially a replica of a human head. Now you know! These super clear audio files are called holophony (holophonic sound recordings) and are designed to be listened to with headphones for the best effect. Desktop On Demand - Your personal and secure online desktop. Immersive Media Streaming Immersive Demos. Typical Frame Rate Performance by Graphics Card/GPU — Official Linden Blog. QuickTime VR.