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Iphone & ipad apps. Oh My God, There Are Muji iPad Apps. MacOS Lion. The iPad Orchestra. News Desk: Jason Schwartzman Introduces The New Yorker iPad App. Making Future Magic: iPad light painting. Mac Rumors.

Mac and Apple News, Tips, Help and Reviews. Engadget. The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Apple Insider News and Analysis. AdFreak: Apple Get a Mac: The Complete Campaign. Steve Jobs could sell.

AdFreak: Apple Get a Mac: The Complete Campaign

He did it in person, he did it on stage, and he did it on television—in the form of advertising campaigns that were often the envy of the business. Among the most beloved was the long-running "Get a Mac" series with John Hodgman and Justin Long as the bumbling PC and the hip, unflappable Mac—an odd couple who would entertain viewers for years with their quips, barbs, sight gags, and one-liners. In 2010, Adweek declared "Get a Mac" to be the best advertising campaign of the first decade of the new century. Below are all 66 TV spots (plus the long version of 2008's "Sad Song") that aired during the campaign's run, from May 2006 to October 2009. All 66 ads were directed by Phil Morrison of Epoch Films for TBWA Media Arts Lab. Apple iSlate Expected To Cause Spontaneous Orgasms. Apple. Light Finder App.

Apple, Adobe, and Flash. Monday, 25 January 2010.

Apple, Adobe, and Flash

Chinese iPad clone released. Without stealing Apple’s hard needed thunder, we’d like to point out that a Chinese hardware manufacturer made an iPad clone three months ago. In what may be the first case of a manufacturer trying to clone a product that doesn’t even exist yet, China company Shenzhen Dragon Brother Industrial has introduced their own ‘P88′ “Apple Style” tablet last October. Now that the product is realeased, we see that the product resembles the real deal in a lot of ways. P88 doesn’t sound cool, neither does iPadIt actually comes with three USB ports, so no clunking around with docksIt supports multitaskingIt’s cheaper160GB disk drive instead of a max 64GB diskWith a little bit of hacking, it might even be able to run OSX or Android The specs side by side.

Will It Blend? - iPad. A 2.5 Year-Old Has A First Encounter with An iPad. Iggy investigates an ipad. We are removing Flash support f. This is an important new change.

We are removing Flash support f

But in the near future we will be removing support for Flash from our OS X operating system. This is for all the same reasons that I cited in my essay, “Thoughts on Flash.” Those reasons apply to OS X as well as to iPhone. And let’s go over them again: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Conclusions: No more Flash on the Mac. iPad Usability: First Findings From User Testing (Jakob Nielsen'

Video: Game based on the awesomely NSFW “Truckers Delight” film- L'iPhoneographe — L'iPhone, un appareil photo pas si ordinaire. Test de l’iPad par les enfants de l’agence Nealite. Ok l’iPad est un bijou de technologie, les geeks l’adorent déjà, les chats aussi, et il s’est vendu plus de 1 million de tablettes en un mois aux US.

Test de l’iPad par les enfants de l’agence Nealite

Ca vous l’avez lu partout. Mais qu’en pense la nouvelle génération ? The Medium - The Death of the Open Web. People who find the Web distasteful — ugly, uncivilized — have nonetheless been forced to live there: it’s the place to go for jobs, resources, services, social life, the future.

The Medium - The Death of the Open Web

But now, with the purchase of an or an , there’s a way out, an orderly suburb that lets you sample the Web’s opportunities without having to mix with the riffraff. This suburb is defined by apps from the glittering App Store: neat, cute homes far from the Web city center, out in pristine Applecrest Estates. La boutique contre le bazar.

iA » Designing for iPad: Reality Check. By Oliver Reichenstein Over the last two months we have been working on several iPad projects: two news applications, a social network, and a word processor.

iA » Designing for iPad: Reality Check

We worked on iPad projects without ever having touched an iPad. One client asked us to “start working on that tablet thing” even before we knew whether the iPad was real. The question Are we designing desktop programs, web sites, or something entirely new? Has been torturing us until that express package from New York finally arrived. Even though we developed everything inside the black box of Photoshop, it became quite clear that iPad application design is substantially different from web design in many ways. 1. The obvious issue with the resolution gap is typography. Is the font big enough? …we had no choice but to print out 1:1 scale mockups. Reality check: Wow, this thing is sharp! Freedom From Porn. Excellent. Les super-héros, vus par #Apple et #Android. :') on T. Apple vs Flash.

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Leica Look-Alike Skin for the iPhone 4 - PetaPixel Store. Cart Sign in or Create an account Leica Look-Alike Skin for the iPhone 4/4S Price This highly detailed plastic skin is designed to protect your iPhone 4/4S while making it look just like a Leica rangefinder camera.

Leica Look-Alike Skin for the iPhone 4 - PetaPixel Store

It's extremely thin, durable, and covers both the front and the back of the phone. Application is easy, and removal is clean. Free shipping within the US.