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La videolezione: un mito da sfatare - Fuoriaula. Untitled. I RUOLI. EDpuzzle. Creare videolezioni con EdPuzzle. LA CONSEGNA. LA RIFLESSIONE. LA STRATEGIA PEDAGOGICA: L'APPRENDIMENTO BASATO SULLA RIFLESSIONE. Reflective learning. What is reflective learning?

Reflective learning

PDP is based on the theory of reflective learning, which emphasises that learning derives from our experiences and can be constantly updated through the process of recording and thinking about the experiences we have. A very important aspect of reflective learning is that it is a process in which we can learn about ourselves. Gibbs’ reflective cycle identifies 6 stages of reflection which help students to make sense of their learning experiences. GRAHAM GIBBS - PROFILO. Research interests Research Methods, qualitative research, use of computers in research, Computer Assisted Learning, CSCL.


University research group memberships Graham Gibbs is currently a member of the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences, the Centre for Applied Childhood Studies, the Centre for Applied Psychological Research and the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences. Kolb learning cycle. DAVID KOLB - PROFILO. Renowned for his work in developing the Experiential Learning Theory, David Kolb is the author of Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development, and the creator of the Kolb Learning Style Inventory (LSI) and Adaptive Style Inventory (ASI).


Other works include, Conversational Learning: An Experiential Approach to Knowledge Creation, Innovation in Professional Education: Steps on a Journey from Teaching to Learning, Organizational Behavior: An Experiential Approach, and numerous journal articles on experiential learning. David joined the Organizational Behavior Department of the Weatherhead School of Management in 1976, and holds a masters degree and doctorate in social psychology from Harvard University.

He is the recipient of four honorary degrees recognizing his contribution to experiential learning in higher education. David received the Educational Pioneers of the Year award (with Alice Kolb) from the National Society of Experiential Education in 2008. COLLEGAMENTI.