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Has Lulzsec Leaked Your Data Online? Here’s a Simple Tool to Check
Adobe recently announced that it had been hacked, and that the hackers may have had access to approximately 38 million users’ login details, including usernames and encrypted passwords. New data released by the hackers, however, shows that the actual number of accounts compromised is over 152 million! Find out if you were compromised, and what you should do.

Should I Change My Password?

Should I Change My Password?
What to do regarding lulzsec dox : modnews
I haven’t said anything about Lulzsec publicly yet and I don’t really have a good reason for the lack of comment. I have been watching their activities with great amusement. On Saturday I saw they released a large list of routers IP addresses and the username and passwords. Take a bow everybody, the security industry really failed this time Take a bow everybody, the security industry really failed this time
Analyzing the Lulzsec Attacks Analyzing the Lulzsec Attacks We analyzed the chat logs from Lulzsec that were provided in the Guardian. Specifically, we tried to analyze the technical approach used to bring down websites and steal data. Hopefully, our analysis can give security teams and even nontechies insights into how Lulzsec carried out their attacks and more importantly, help tune defenses. (We'd also recommend looking Byron's blog for some other lessons.) Lulzsec was a team of hackers focused on breaking applications and databases. There were no virus or malware experts.