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LulzSec: Hacker group reborn, exposes 171,000 military accounts. The hacker group known as LulzSec appears to be back after many months of laying low, claiming to have exposed the accounts of nearly 171,000 members of the military.

LulzSec: Hacker group reborn, exposes 171,000 military accounts

The group, which in 2011 went after government agencies and companies including the FBI, CIA, Sony and even PBS, claims to have exposed the email accounts of thousands of members on the website "There are emails such as ; ; ; ; etc.. ," the group said in a note posted on the website PasteBin. The group said it dumped a database including a total of 170,937 email accounts from the website, which bills itself as "the dating site for single soldiers. " LulzSec IRC leak: the full record. **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Tue May 31 11:09:12 2011 **** ENDING LOGGING AT Tue May 31 11:09:55 2011 **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Tue May 31 11:09:55 2011.

LulzSec IRC leak: the full record

Sabu, the erstwhile leader of the Lulzsec hacking crew, says he is effectively on the run as he gives interview to Reddit readers about LulzSec's achievements, Facebook, sentencing and more : worldnews. AMA Request Sabu from LuLSec this would be amazing : IAmA. Lulzsec hacker: we still have Sun emails, stored in China' The hacker who styles himself "Sabu", erstwhile leader of the LulzSec hacking crew, claims to have a cache of emails copied from the Sun which are being stored on a Chinese server, along with data from a number of other hacks.

Lulzsec hacker: we still have Sun emails, stored in China'

But he claimed this weekend that they will not be released yet: "there are a lot of interesting dumps we're sitting on due to timing," he wrote on his Twitter feed. He claims that hackers have broken into banks including HSBC and "a few others" but that they have found "no smoking guns yet" in the data there. "I'm past the point of no return. Not trying to sound like a bad ass, however, it's the truth," he wrote. Later he added: "The ironic twist will be that my own friends will take me down, and not these idiots who hide behind the patriot veil. " LulzSec Hacker Says He’s Never Felt Safer. He’s part of a group that claims to be behind the recent hack attacks against the CIA, U.S.

LulzSec Hacker Says He’s Never Felt Safer

Senate, Sony, Fox and PBS. If caught, he could face years in prison. But when we chatted with a member of the notorious hacking collective Lulz Security last night, he said he’s not worried about a thing. LulzSec, l'ascension éclair d'un groupe de pirates informatiques. Les pirates informatiques de LulzSec annoncent leur démantèlement. LulzSec Hacks. Overview Lulzsec Hacks refers to a series of high profile cyber-attacks carried out by the computer hacking group Lulzsec (Lulz Security) beginning in May 2011.

LulzSec Hacks

Some of the most notable targeted websites include Sony Pictures’ internal database, CIA website and FBI’s contractor InfraGard among others. Although the group officially announced its retirement in June 2011 and suspect members of Lulzsec have been taken into police custody, numerous related attacks have been reported by its affiliated groups since then.

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False flags?

Arrest of some Lulzec Hackers ? Lulzsec doxed. Tweets. The End. The Return. The Sun leak. La mutation du groupe de pirates LulzSec après sa dissolution. Google is Your Friend - If You're a Lulzer. While the digital paparazzi were lined up waiting to snap photos of the Lulzboat crew getting vanned, some of us focused on how this collection of low tech script kiddies were able to knock over SONY, AT&T, the CIA, Arizona's DPS and numerous other sites and make off with highly confidential contents again and again.

Google is Your Friend - If You're a Lulzer

It turns out that they had an accomplice, Google. Now before the good townspeople grab their torches and pitchforks and beat a hasty path to Mountain View, let it be known that Google's part in these massive hacks isn't actually Google's fault. Or perhaps it can be if the public still wants to blame them anyway and question why this information is there on Google for the taking in the first place.

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