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Prakti Design Lab: Introduction.


GASIFIER STOVE / CUISEUR GASÉIFIEUR. ROCKET STOVE / CUISEUR FUSÉE. El Mumu - Un metodo tradicional de cocinar alimentos en papua Nueva Guinea. Improved stoves for preventing deforestation ? Energypédia - List of Stoves in Ethiopia. - Improved Biomass Cooking Stoves. Co2solidaire - Diffusion de cuiseurs à bois économes. Au Pérou, plus de 2 millions de familles, parmi les plus pauvres du pays cuisinent avec de la biomasse sur des feux trois pierres et dans une pièce sans aération.

Bien que cette exposition à la fumée soit appréciée pour des raisons culturelles, de plus en plus de Quechua reconnaissent qu’elle est responsable de maladies pulmonaires qui affectent les femmes, les enfants et les personnes âgées. D’autre part, ces familles paysannes se trouvent dans une situation de vulnérabilité croissante face aux changements climatiques aggravés par la déforestation. Les cuiseurs à bois diffusés dans le cadre de ce programme permettent une réduction significative de la consommation de bois et une évacuation de la fumée grâce à une cheminée tout en réduisant le temps de cuisson.

Les impacts du projet : Environnement Réduction de la consommation de bois à hauteur de 1,9 tonnes par an et par famille.Réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre à hauteur de 2,5 TeqCO₂ par an et par famille Economie Santé. African Clean Energy - The ACE 1: Indoor Cooksmoke. Coordination Sud - STOVEPLUS clean cooking. StovePlus is a program launched by GERES in 2012. It aims at supporting and strengthening the clean cooking sector in Asia and Africa. The project intends to meet the needs of the communities through the professional development of the concerned sectors and the sharing of best practices and technical solutions developed by GERES in its various projects.

Following the increase in activity level and visibility, it has been decided to appoint a regional coordinator in each area of intervention. This Job description specifically intends to describe the tasks assigned to the Regional Coordinator for Africa. As the responsible for Program activities in Africa, covering delivery of Stove+ packages of services in the region, (s)he oversees the portfolio of projects and manages, together with the Lead Technical Advisor and Regional Technical Advisor, internal and external experts. The services cover the areas of biomass improved cookstoves.

The StovePlus Regional Coordinator for Africa will: UNEVOC - 3 Réchauds, métal de récupération. Pciaonline - Stove Testing. At the 2011 PCIA Forum, many stakeholders participated in the development of, or signed on to, the Lima Consensus, an agreement to establish an interim rating system for the evaluation of cookstove models “that reflects the varying tiers of performance in the areas of fuel efficiency, indoor air quality, emissions of particulate matter and carbon monoxide, and safety.” This agreement, an important step along the path toward developing voluntary global cookstove standards, was developed by members of the Global Alliance Standards and Technology Working Group, led by Tami Bond and Morgan DeFoort, and other stove testing leaders to recognize the areas of consensus among the standards and testing stakeholders gathered at the PCIA Forum.

In addition, a methodology was identified for rating of indoor air pollution. You can download the full signed consensus as well as the PCIA Forum Presentation below. Aprovecho - Improved Stoves for the Developing World. Practical Answers - Stoves and Ovens. Stories of Change Further Information Resources From Aprovecho Research Center Developing Stoves to Achieve the ‘50%/90%’ Future: Stoves in Use That Address Health and Climate Issues An Improved Wood Cookstove: Harnessing Fan Driven Forced Draft for Cleaner Combustion Capturing Heat Three: Heating Stoves Capturing Heat Two: Part 1-Pizza Oven and Stoves With Chimneys Capturing Heat Two: Part 2-Simple Water Heaters Capturing HEAT: Five Earth-Friendly Cooking Technologies and How to Build Them Cooking With Less Fuel: Breathing Less Smoke Design Principles for Wood Burning Cook Stoves Designing a Clean-Burning, High-Efficiency, Dung-Burning Stove: Lessons in cooking with cow patties.

Publications From Practical Action Publishing The stove project manual This book provides detailed guidelines for project managers interested or involved in stoves programmes. Videos Anagi Stove Organisations Policy Smoke, health and household energy Also see: OBN - DIY Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove.