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Technicalwriting. Best Careers 2011: Technical Writer. Around the Water Cooler With C-Span's CEOs Co-CEOs Susan Swain and Rob Kennedy share tips for expanding your audience and staying relevant.

Best Careers 2011: Technical Writer

Around the Water Cooler With Whole Foods' CEO Walter Robb shoves the corporate ladder under the table, just like his Brussels sprouts. Around the Water Cooler With a General Motors Vice President Diana Tremblay shares tips for taking the driver’s seat in your company and career. Technical Writing Jobs. Technical writing. Technical writing is a form of technical communication used in a variety of technical and occupational fields, such as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, and biotechnology.

It provides readers with an understanding of a subject, by using clear and concise terminology.[1] The Society for Technical Communication (STC) defines technical writing[2] as a broad field including any form of communication that exhibits one or more of the following characteristics: (1) communicating about technical or specialized topics, such as computer applications, medical procedures, or environmental regulations; (2) communicating through technology, such as web pages, help files, or social media sites; or (3) providing instructions about how to do something, regardless of the task's technical nature. Overview[edit] Technical writing involves the creation of useful documents that can be clearly understood by readers. Online Magazine for Technical Writers. World's Largest Professional Network.