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Lesson #2 Why isn't the Nerthelands under water?

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Study the article. This is an article from a popular site TED-Ed. The video is devoted to the Nerthelands, it's environmental issues and technologies.

Watch the video . On the page you will see some groups of exercises: Think, Dig Deeper and Discuss.

Do it, please.

I have made an exercise for you. It has 8 questions to the video. I would appreciate it if you do the exercise and upload it here. Your answers can be shorter or longer, it's up to you. Preferably, you should make answeres in your own sentences, i.e. paraphrase the text. Closing up.

Thank you, Alexander, for the feedback. That's an awesome idea about videoconference meetings! Let's try to do it next week, say on Tuesday. However, I'm wondering if this type of communication is accessible for everyone? – nataliaelfimova
It is very convenient and awesome format for me. The current type of work and lessons allow us to manage time very flexibly! I think that doing sometimes short video-conference sessions would be useful. For example 30-min sessions one time per week in a format of tasks explanation and questions. – alexandr_gochakov

Lack of window coverings in the Netherlands. Room for the river.

Great! Good understanding of the material and, what is so important, additional information, relevant and interesting! Thank you for your enthusiasm to do reasearch whenever possible! I've emailed you your paper with some (few) highlighted spots. Please, correct them, ok? – nataliaelfimova

Prospects of getting high education in Dutch universities.

Personally, I like the teaching style most in Netherlands education. Because in Russia not all teachers like and prefer such teaching style, but I think, that more teamwork can be very useful for students. – oshchepkova
Thank you, Sonya, for this reasearch! I've got a question to you. What really appeals to you in the system of higher education in the Netherlands? – nataliaelfimova

Lesson2. Netherlands. Sophia's answers for questions about Netherlands.

Great job! I loved your answer about state-of-the-art things! But, the question #6 about Inland protection is not correct. Marina's answer is up to the point! – nataliaelfimova

Marina's interpretation the Netherlands protected system

Alexandr - answers. Mistakes.

Lyudmila, nearly everything is correct! I made my comments to the google doc, so you may look up. What is strange that you can not use the Google docs! Do you have access to it? Do you know how to work with it? Looking forward to your reply! – nataliaelfimova


Marina, thank you for contributing to the improvement of the doc. I've made some comments on the doc, look up, please! Very well done! – nataliaelfimova

Why not Holland? Why no curtains on windows? Make shorter sentences: useful lesson from Christina. Alexander - Traditions and habits of the Dutch.

Dutch cycling traditions are very attractive for me. Phenomena of Bicycle traffic jams in the Netherlands are well-known over the world – alexandr_gochakov
Oh, the tradition with herring is really weird! I've met some Dutch and what I learnt from this experience the are really crazy about cycling! It's hard to imagine a Dutch without a bike. They've all been very nice people, open and friendly. – nataliaelfimova
Yeah! Some traditions are funny, I mean walking with herring in the mouth or hanging bags from flagpoles! Whereas some habits would do well to replicate, for ex. to deliver a plan, but without fanaticism. – zder57mailru

  1. zder57mailru Jun 13 2020
    Marina: I've made corrections in my account in, but I don't know, how to share it. 16:55 10 июн. 1. May be: all over the country 2. that preventing flooding: that prevents floods 3. This project includes special systems to protect further inland from floods 4. That means... 5. The Netherlands is the lowest place... 6. flood-protection technologies 7. The latest part.. 8. as fast as possible..