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Hackers attack Iranian government websites. Azerbaijan , Baku, Feb. 18 /Trend T.Konyayeva/ Attacks of an anonymous group of hackers on Iranian government websites at the Foreign Ministry, the Organization of Atomic Energy, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization have caused many of these websites to become inaccessible by their visitors for more than a day, a source close to this anonymous group told, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran's official statement reported.

Hackers attack Iranian government websites

The semi-official Fars News Agency, close to the Revolutionary Guards, was also inaccessible for hours, but the group has not taken responsibility. According to the said source, the Foreign Ministry's website stopped operation for more than a day. Even the Supreme Leader's website and the Iranian President's website faced disrupted service for several hours after they were attacked by the group. Anonymous and the global correction. The tendency to relate past events to what is possible in the present becomes more difficult as the scope of the geopolitical environment changes.

Anonymous and the global correction

It is a useful thing, then, to ask every once in a while if the environment has recently undergone any particular severe changes, thereby expanding our options for the future. Terminology, let alone our means of exchanging information, has changed to such a degree that many essential discussions in today's "communications age" would be entirely incomprehensible to many two decades ago.

As the social, political and technological environment has developed, some have already begun to explore new options, seizing new chances for digital activism - and more will soon join in. Anon & Anthropology of Hacking. Anonymous is not a force to be reckoned with.

Anon & Anthropology of Hacking

Scientologists have felt their wrath for sometime, Sarah Palin did as well, as have MasterCard & Visa post-Wikileaks fiasco. I’m sure Aaron Barr is now realizing the impact Anon has. Cyber Self Defence – Techniques For Avoiding Surveillance And The Censor » internet surveillance, vietnam, internet, china internet, censorship, burma » RFA Unplugged. Press Room | About | Contact.

Cyber Self Defence – Techniques For Avoiding Surveillance And The Censor » internet surveillance, vietnam, internet, china internet, censorship, burma » RFA Unplugged

Anonymous' Target Planned to "Take Down" WikiLeaks. Careful, we're entering some really crazy conspiracy level stuff here. Get ready to jump down the rabbit hole with me. When hacker amalgam Anonymous attacked the computer security firm HBGary as most of the country was busy watching heavy-set men play with a leather ball, you could assume that it was retaliation for the recent crack down on its membership by the FBI and Scotland Yard .

But as we've had more time to digest the 60,000+ HBGary emails that Anonymous posted online as a big f**k you, it seems that the data intelligence firm proposed to engage in some social engineering and subterfuge of its own to "take down" WikiLeaks. Anonymous might be a hero. The hacker group has made clear its support of Julian Assange's initiative, and Anonymous made headlines last year by DDoS attacking, Bank of America, PayPal and any other entity or website that appeared to wrong WikiLeaks. The Anatomy of Anonymous – An Analysis Of Probable Future Actions. The Anatomy of Anonymous - image courtesy of Ralf Roletschek and Mattbuck.

The Anatomy of Anonymous – An Analysis Of Probable Future Actions

We Are Anonymous. Ils ont lancé des attaques contre les sites financiers qui avaient tenté d’étrangler Wikileaks.

We Are Anonymous

Ils auraient aidé les manifestants tunisiens anti Ben Ali. On ne les a pas encore vraiment rencontrés en Egypte, où l’Internet, il est vrai, a été coupé. Palantir confirme son plan anti-Wikileaks mais le condamne. Firm hacked by ‘Anonymous’ plotted against WikiLeaks on bank’s behalf: report. By Eric W.

Firm hacked by ‘Anonymous’ plotted against WikiLeaks on bank’s behalf: report

DolanWednesday, February 9, 2011 13:33 EDT The data intelligence firm Palantir Technologies apologized Thursday for its involvement in developing a proposal to Bank of America to attack secrets outlet WikiLeaks. Two other data intelligence firms, HBGary Federal and Berico Technologies, helped to concoct a plan for a coordinated cyber assault against the website.

“I have directed the company to sever any and all contacts with HB Gary,” Co-Founder and CEO of Palantir Alex Karp said in a statement. “Palantir Technologies provides a software analytic platform for the analysis of data,” he continued. The plan was revealed after members of “Anonymous” hacked the email account of HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr and published its contents to the web. “The right to free speech and the right to privacy are critical to a flourishing democracy,” Karp’s statement added. Hackers Target Gene Simmons Websites After Panel Comments. Anonymous trains sights on Yemen after Egypt. By Agence France-PresseFriday, February 4, 2011 8:21 EDT WASHINGTON – The loose-knit group of online global hackers known as “Anonymous” has trained its sights on Yemen following cyber attacks on government websites in Tunisia and Egypt.

Anonymous trains sights on Yemen after Egypt

The website of Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh,, was inaccessible on Thursday following calls by Anonymous members for attacks on the site. Luis Corrons, the technical director at PandaLabs, the malware detection laboratory for computer security firm Panda Security, said Anonymous members “feel that somehow they have to support the people in those countries.” “It is a worldwide thing,” Corrons told AFP. “They think the goal is obtaining freedom for those countries.” Valleywag, a Silicon Valley blog owned by the Gawker network, said the cyber attacks on official Yemen government websites had been dubbed “Operation Yemen” in Anonymous chat rooms. “Welcome back to the Internet #Egypt. Agence France-Presse. Quand Wikileaks affole les oligarchies.

(Wikimedia Commons - Anonymous Editor - cc) Jeudi dernier, le FBI a arrêté un auvergnat de 15 ans, soupçonné être un membre actif du collectif Internet Anonymous.

Quand Wikileaks affole les oligarchies

Et de fait, depuis qu’il est entré dans la lumière en décembre dernier, ce rassemblement informel mais très créatif d’internautes du monde entier n’en finit plus d’agacer tous ceux qui se mettent sur le chemin de la liberté d’expression : secte, gouvernement autoritaire ou multinationale.Le 8 décembre dernier, alors que Julian Assange est en prison, le collectif Anonymous envoie sur Twitter un message à tous ceux qui suivent l’actualité - qui suivent le fil - de WikiLeaks. Par l’intermédiaire d’un programme simple gratuit sur Internet, il propose tout à chacun de participer à une attaque en règle contre les fournisseurs de WikiLeaks, comme Amazon, Visa et Mastercards qui viennent de lâcher leur client.

Les sites des entreprises citées sont indisponibles pendant plusieurs heures : c’est l’opération Payback. “Bonjour, vous avez demandé les Anonymous” » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism. Tandis que l'attention des médias se concentre sur un adolescent français soupçonné de diriger les Anonymous, ceux-ci continuent de s'organiser en Tunisie et en Egypte.

“Bonjour, vous avez demandé les Anonymous” » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism

Et si on rétablissait quelques vérités au lieu d'agiter les bras? “Petit génie du web”, “soupçonné d’avoir participé à une cyberattaque internationale”, “passionné par l’informatique depuis qu’il a 6 ans”, et même “cerveau des vengeurs de WikiLeaks”. Depuis quelques jours, la presse s’emballe autour du cas d’un adolescent auvergnat de 15 ans, entendu par la police il y a six semaines à propos de son rôle dans la réponse pro-WikiLeaks: au mois de décembre, alors que plusieurs organismes bancaires tels que Visa ou MasterCard avaient décidé de couper l’approvisionnement du site de Julian Assange, les Anonymous avaient massivement riposté en lançant une série d’attaques par déni de service (DDoS), paralysant les sites des entreprises incriminées.

Ca vous rappelle quelque chose? Une attaque informatique est-elle une forme de manifestation ? Anonymous menace le gouvernement égyptien  Par publié le 27 janvier 2011 à 12 h 16. Anonymous Egypt and Algeria operations show a complex cyber-movement. “Our assessment is that the Egyptian government is stable and is looking for ways to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people.” Hackers vengeurs et espions en diligence. WikiLeaks : la pression monte, la résistance s'organise. Wikileaks se démultiplie En plus de (nom de domaine déposé par le Parti Pirate suisse), le site utilise désormais les extensions suivantes « .at » « .de », « .eu », « .fi » et « .pl » hébergées en France par OVH ainsi que les extensions « .cc » et « .nl » hébergées en Suède par Bahnhof.

Sous le feu de hackers, Wikileaks se réfugie dans le cloud d’Amazon. 01net le 01/12/10 à 11h15. 10 Lessons for Gov 2.0 from Web 2.0. What is Web 2.0? "The Jester", le hacker patriote qui aurait piraté Wikileaks. Montage réalisé à partir de l’avatar du compte @th3J3st3r sur Twitter. La panne de WikiLeaks revendiquée. Les soutiens de WikiLeaks contre-attaquent sur le web. Anonymous Attacks Swiss Bank After Assange's Account Closed. The Anonymous group of hacktivists is making good on its promise to attack those helping to censor WikiLeaks, the latest victim being PostFinance, who’s website has become the target of distributed denial of service (DDoS) after the Swiss bank closed the account of Julian Assange. In the latest move of what already starts to look as a harassment campaign against WikiLeaks orchestrated by various businesses and governments around the world, PostFinance decided to suspend the personal bank account of WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange.

The bank alleged that Assange, who doesn’t have a stable residence and moves around the world a lot, used his lawyers’ Geneva address to set up the account, which is against the terms of the contract. The bank said Assange's account came under scrutiny because he became a high profile individual and that it plans to transfer the funds (31,000 euros according to WikiLeaks), to another account of his choosing. La guerre de l'information n'est pas la cyberguerre - Owni. En prenant activement la défense de WikiLeaks, les Anonymous ont-ils franchi un cap supplémentaire dans la guerre de l'information? Le vocabulaire mérite d'être précisé. MAJ du lundi 13 décembre: WikiLeaks : LOIC, l'outil clé en main de l'"Opération riposte" Attaques contre le blog du service de paiement en ligne, PayPal, ou contre les sites de Visa et MasterCard.

Pour protester contre le gel des comptes de WikiLeaks, des pirates informatiques ont lancé une "Opération riposte" sur le Web. Certaines de ces attaques semblent avoir été facilitées par un nouveau logiciel, mis à disposition par un groupe de pirates se faisant appeler Anonymous. Baptisé LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), en référence au film La Guerre des étoiles, le programme, dont la première version était disponible dès la fin 2009 en téléchargement, est pensé comme un outil, clé en main, permettant de participer à une cyber-attaque, sans la moindre compétence informatique. Les Anonymous promettent de s'attaquer au gouvernement Algérien. Anonymous s'attaque maintenant à une entreprise de sécurité américaine - Actualités Techno - Sécurité. Fermer [x] Cet article provient de l’édition papier du magazine. Seuls les abonnés ont un accès illimité à ces articles.