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Course: e-Learning - evidence of effectiveness. Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning. Culture Island School The Island School, a public school in New York City, embodies passion-based learning.

Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning

By Kimberly Vincent. The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Skype effectively in the classroom. Increasingly, educators globally are transforming their classroom using Skype to create powerful, authentic, motivating learning experiences for their students.

The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Skype effectively in the classroom

From connecting with classrooms in other locations to learning about each others’ culture to connecting with content experts – educators are extending learning beyond classroom walls. So how do you use Skype effectively with your class? Hopefully this will help! Here’s our educator’s guide on every thing you need to know about Skype from…… 1. Setting up your account. Www.cerlalc.org/Informe_Final_Lecura_Desarrollo.pdf. 21st Century School Teacher - Home. A Design Research Methodology for Online Learning Course Design (#edumooc) For all the #edumooc'ers out there, I apologize that most of the references in this piece are of academic nature, and therefore are not in the public domain.

A Design Research Methodology for Online Learning Course Design (#edumooc)

Below are key excerpts from a synthesis paper I wrote about design research. I see now that the methodology that I propose would also easily apply to the development of online learning – in fact, I actually use this methodology somewhat informally as I design and re-design various iterations of one of the online courses that I teach. Five Common Pitfalls of Online Course Design. July 6, 2011 By: Elizabeth St.

Five Common Pitfalls of Online Course Design

Germain in Online Education Much of what passes for an “online course” these days could more accurately be described as the electronic version of class hand-outs. These courses usually consist of a course description, a syllabus, lecture notes, reading lists, and assignment checklists. Aprender a aprender: Competencia Digital y Entornos Personales de ... How we will learn. How Educators Can Protect Students’ Data from Security Breaches Every day, teachers are responsible for maintaining numerous logins, passwords, data, and other private information about their students.

How we will learn

With so many tools, security and privacy are often an afterthought despite the increasing number of websites that fall victim to data breaches and security vulnerabilities each day. In the wake of the Heartbleed data security flaw discovered last week, here are measures teachers can take to secure school data. Tools.


MSN Tecnologia - Techguru 2.2 beta. A_cibercultura_em_transformacao.pdf - Powered by Google Docs. Community 102 - Advanced Moderation. Online learning: Wave of the future or demise of the academy? View 3 photos » University of Phoenix student Trevor Hansen studies at his Salt Lake City home Thursday.

Online learning: Wave of the future or demise of the academy?

Mike Terry, Deseret News SALT LAKE CITY — Trevor Hansen plops down in front of his small oak desk, flips open his silver laptop and starts emailing his classmate about a project due Monday. There's a motocross poster on the wall, a snowboard in the corner and a framed picture of him pushing his niece on a swing on the top of his desk. The 25-year-old Salt Lake City resident just got home from an eight-hour workday and will be leaving for a softball tournament in about an hour, but he has a little bit of time to work on his online class.