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Teaching 'E-learning and Digital Cultures' The dust is settling and we are beginning to get a sense of the overall impressions left by the EDCMOOC experience.

Teaching 'E-learning and Digital Cultures'

We’ve been extremely grateful for the time that participants have taken to reflect on the course, in the discussion forums and in their blogs. We’ve also got some feedback via a survey we released a couple of weeks ago, from a range of people – from those who never logged in to those who formally completed the course, and everything in between. We’ll aim to share more details of this survey and its results as soon as we can. Some very positive news for us is that a large majority (82.8%) of those survey respondents who actively participated in EDCMOOC said that overall their experience was good, very good or excellent. E-learning and Digital Cultures. Some more interesting things for EDC MOOCers. We now have 42,570 participants, 12,000 of these have been active over the past week.

Some more interesting things for EDC MOOCers

There are 839 threads in the discussion forums, 5467 posts, 3088 comments on posts and 82113 views of posts, And thanks to our colleague Anne-Marie Scott, we now have an idea where all the bloggers are coming from. She’s mapped the locations of all the blogs being pulled into the EDC News feed (thanks Anne-Marie): Sian Bayne @sbayne. Conversations in the cloud. Why We Need Digital Vikings #edcmooc « Amy's MOOCs: Professional Digi-velopment.

This is a Viking.

Why We Need Digital Vikings #edcmooc « Amy's MOOCs: Professional Digi-velopment

Photo Credit: the brownhorse via Compfight cc So is this. Edcmooc"