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Why is it so Easy to Get "Mobile First" Wrong? - Deep Design. There’s definitely some logic to the underlying philosophy of the “mobile first” approach to design, but there are also some hidden problems that cause even experienced designers to make some fundamental user experience mistakes.

Why is it so Easy to Get "Mobile First" Wrong? - Deep Design

Doing it wrong serves only to reverse the underlying problem, creating a painful desktop experience instead of a painful mobile experience, which only moves the problem around rather than actually solving it. First hints of trouble I first started wondering about the possible pitfalls of mobile-first design after Apple’s much-criticized 2013 redesign of their iWork office suite. I was among the many active users who were frustrated by the removal or burial of features I used frequently.

The general narrative in design circles at the time was that unification of mobile, tablet, and desktop experiences was an inevitable and glorious thing, and that this was the way of the future. The Best Free Alternatives to the Most Popular Fonts. Mockabilly // App for creating mockups on iPhone // iPhone app mockup. Untitled. Geronimo. Travel Category Trends Tool: Air. Snowdrop Solutions. Cloudinary - Cloud image service, upload, storage & CDN.

Fiverr: The marketplace for creative & professional services. Atomic: Interface design software for professionals. Quandl Financial and Economic Data. Wttc. Gogobot - The go-to place for places to go. Responsive Wireframe Sketch Sheet by David Jakes. The Travel Technology Initiative - TTI. Why Unique Hotel Identifiers?

The Travel Technology Initiative - TTI

Through its members, TTI became aware of a common problem. With multiple electronic feeds serving-up identical properties, the same perennial questions are continually asked. ‘What is a property called on Channel XYZ? What is its reference or id? Is it the same property that is being offered on channel ABC?’ TTI members were seeking a solution. Thus the concept of TTIcodes was born as a method of providing a unique way to identify a property across a multiplicity of channels, service providers, tour companies, representation companies and third parties involved in the booking, administration and fulfilment of travel within the hospitality industry.

MultiCodes for an easy hotel matching  For internal compiling and external communication with your business partners, as well as for processing bookings (within a reservation system), you need to have a hotel database, which is complete and as free of errors as possible, continually growing and automatically updates itself.

MultiCodes for an easy hotel matching 

With GIATA Codes you receive more than 382,000 hotel datasets (GIATA Hotel ID + hotel name + town/city + country). Bootswatch: Free themes for Bootstrap. Book and buy train tickets in France and Germany - Capitaine Train. The Ultimate Guide to Golden Ratio Typography. Right now, there’s a mathematical symphony happening on your website. Every single one of your readers is subconsciously aware of this symphony, and more important, they are all pre-programmed to respond to it in a particular way. The question is this: VACATION_TRAVEL_TRENDS_2025. Travel 2030: Marketing to a growing and changing world population. By 2030, there will be an extra billion people in the world, of which it is forecast 20% will be travelling. The United Nations predicts a population of 9.6 billion by 2050. NB This is a guest article by Scott Alvis, chief marketing officer for Amadeus North America.

Snapshot-travel-infograff-FULL. Tripbarometermarch2015_globalreport_uk_us. The Ultimate Guide to Golden Ratio Typography. Introducing Material Design Lite — Google Developers. -a library of components & templates in vanilla CSS, HTML and JS Back in 2014, Google published the material design specification with a goal to provide guidelines for good design and beautiful UI across all device form factors.

Introducing Material Design Lite — Google Developers

Today we are releasing our effort to bring this to websites using vanilla CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Job Interview Tips - Album on Imgur. Argos Tackles Shopping Cart Abandonment - eCommerce Insights. According to the Baymard Institute, a UK web research company, an average of 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned without completing a transaction.

Argos Tackles Shopping Cart Abandonment - eCommerce Insights

That’s a shockingly high statistic! It means for every 100 potential customers, 67 of them will leave mid-way through the ‘journey’. So retailers are always looking for ways to tip the odds in their favour and keep customers on that buying ‘journey’ to the very end and quite a bit of research has gone into finding out what customers think and feel when they’re shopping online; more importantly, retailers are looking to use technology to make things that little bit easier. The shopping experiences that are the most successful are those that are positively guided, and clearly encourage visitors to add a product to their cart with the minimum of fuss. Advantage And this is where leading retailer, Argos, has a distinct advantage.

The key point here is that only those customers who look like they may need help are approached. 5 UX Tips to Capture the Audience You’re Probably Ignoring. Have you ever tried comprehending a dense article while reading on a crowded bus or train?

5 UX Tips to Capture the Audience You’re Probably Ignoring

Did everything sink in right away? Or did you have to go back and re-read a few sections—if not the entire article? Capturing—and holding—your reader’s’ attention has always been a challenge. But there’s an entire population out there that you might be ignoring: Users with low literacy. Low literacy isn’t the same as illiteracy. Tripbarometermarch2015_globalreport_uk_us.

Free Online Analog Film Emulator - Hangry UserTesting: Domino’s Pizza Mobile Site and App. Every Tuesday, UserTesting’s Research Team studies a different product to share here on the blog.

Hangry UserTesting: Domino’s Pizza Mobile Site and App

We hope you’ll learn some nifty research techniques and get inspired to run some insightful tests of your own. Enjoy, and check back in next Tuesday! Ordering a pizza should be an easy task. Unless you’re ordering for a little league team and splitting the bill between several parties, there’s not much to it. You pick your crust and toppings, add any extras, and voila! But when it comes to actually being responsible for ordering a pizza, almost no one ever wants the job. If only. How could such a simple task go so wrong? The study. Rethink the Airline Boarding Pass.

You’re standing in an airport.

Rethink the Airline Boarding Pass

For many, airports can feel overwhelming. In a busy, fast-moving environment, knowing where you need to be, at what time and how to navigate the airport labyrinth is crucial. Therefore this should be as simple and stress free as possible… The problem is, it isn’t. Forms that work: Designing web forms for usability - The design of forms. Forms: The Complete Guide–Part 2. The Definitive Guide to Form Label Positioning. Photo: nightthree When it comes to the design and development of forms, one of the most popular topics is the positioning of labels.

The Definitive Guide to Form Label Positioning

There are a range of different options, but many articles on the subject touch on only some of the advantages and disadvantages of some of these options. How do you put all that disparate information together to make a good decision, especially if you’re in a hurry? It was clearly time to bring everything together in one place. Form Design For Dummies: 10 Simple Tips On Designing A Form That Converts. Web forms have become an integral part of most websites and the internet in general.

Form Design For Dummies: 10 Simple Tips On Designing A Form That Converts

Their primary purpose is to help both users and businesses achieve their separate goals by establishing a relationship or initiating a conversation between the two. Registration forms are what allows people to become members of online communities or services. Think of Facebook – their 1 billion+ users all joined through a registration form;Checkout forms allow transactions to happen through the web. StoreDot. Design Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app - Windows app development. Introduction - Material design - Google design guidelines. 20 Examples of Beautifully Designed Admin Dashboards. Once upon a time, admin dashboard design was not really a thing.

Often neglected and never given the same level of importance as the front-end. Yes, they would function very well, but typically they would like they were stuck in the late 90s. The only thing missing was the animated clipart! How times have changed. The dashboards we see nowadays are a thing of beauty, as this gallery post will show you.


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