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2014 UX

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20 Recent Inspirational UI/UX Examples in Mobile Device. 55 Amazing Mobile App UI Designs with Ultimate User Experience. Beautiful, modern Mobile app UI design is right here.

55 Amazing Mobile App UI Designs with Ultimate User Experience

In this roundup we’re sharing 55 amazing mobile app UI designs with ultimate User experience. This showcase only have professionally designed mobile apps iPhone, iPad, Android, UI Patterns. Every year mobile and tablet friendly apps built to aid both designers and web developers with their work debut in hopes to succeed in the competitive app market. Untitled.

13 Innovative Mobile Commerce Apps. Mobile commerce is no longer a novelty.

13 Innovative Mobile Commerce Apps

According to an IBM report, mobile accounted for 45 percent of all online traffic during the 2014 holiday season, and online sales from mobile devices accounted for 22.6 percent of the total. Smartphones and tablets are having a meaningful impact on how we purchase, and some mobile commerce apps are even reshaping traditional businesses. Here is a list of innovative mobile commerce apps. Several of the apps are marketplaces or help users to discover new products. There are also some ingenious apps that redefine how we purchase daily goods and services. Spring Spring. Introduction - Material Design - Google design guidelines. User Analysis Before Diving Into Design (Part 1) A great product experience starts with a good understanding of your users.

User Analysis Before Diving Into Design (Part 1)

Not only do you want to know who they are, but you want to dive deeper into their motivations, fears, mentality, and behavior. User Analysis Before Diving Into Design (Part 2) In Part 1, we provided tips for user personas, user & job stories, and user experience maps.

User Analysis Before Diving Into Design (Part 2)

Now we’ll look at how to use three types of matrics to help you plot out user scenarios, content, and product features. If you’d like to learn more, check out the free 150-page Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation. Why the Best Wireframe Style Is No Style. By anthony on 04/21/15 at 8:40 am What tool would you use to hit a nail in?

Why the Best Wireframe Style Is No Style

Only a hammer comes to mind. This is because a hammer’s form meets that specific function. It’s form matching function gives it its utility and value. The 100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2014. Here we are, once again, with our now-famous selection of the top 100 free fonts for 2014.

The 100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2014

This year we have only selected fonts published or updated in late 2013 and 2014, giving you one of the most up-to-date lists around. The majority are completely free with licenses for commercial use; the odd few available for personal use only have extended license options at a very reasonable price. The free font list comprises both entire font families and single weight downloads; either way, there is something for everyone and we think you'll love the ones we have picked out for you. Font Selection We have selected all kinds of typefaces which can be seamlessly integrated into any design: Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Rounded, Decorative, Display, Art Deco, Geometric, Futuristic, and many more besides. We have categorized the typefaces to help you browse more efficiently. Sans-Serif Typefaces. Trover widget builder. Best Practices for Accordion Interfaces in Web Design.

The word “accordion” typically conjures a mental image of your favorite polka band.

Best Practices for Accordion Interfaces in Web Design

Although polka music can offer a rip-snorting good time, the term is associated with something different in the realm of web design. User interface accordions might refer to menus, widgets, or content areas which expand like the musical instrument. These interfaces have grown a lot more popular in recent years with the expansion of JavaScript and more prominently jQuery. I’d like to cover a series of examples and techniques for building accordion interfaces into any website layout.

Accordions are popular because they allow developers to force large amounts of content into tiny spaces on the page. Why use Accordion Menus? A BBC iPlayer Accessibility Case Study. Advertisement Not long after I started working at the BBC, I fielded a complaint from a screen reader user who was having trouble finding a favorite show via the BBC iPlayer’s home page1.

A BBC iPlayer Accessibility Case Study

The website had recently undergone an independent accessibility audit which indicated that, other than the odd minor issue here and there, it was reasonably accessible. I called the customer to establish what exactly the problem was, and together we navigated the home page using a screen reader. It was at that point I realized that, while all of the traditional ingredients of an accessible page were in place — headings, WAI ARIA Landmarks2, text alternatives and so on — it wasn’t very usable for a screen reader user.

The first issue was that the subnavigation was made up of only two links: “TV” and “Radio,” with links to other key areas such as “Categories,” “Channels” and “A to Z” buried further down the content order of the page, making them harder for the user to find. The Challenge. 16 delightful micro UX animations for ecommerce. Simple animation, fluid transitions, dynamically changing results, micro UX… all these design elements can not only make your website easier to use but delight your visitors too.

16 delightful micro UX animations for ecommerce

I’ve rounded up 16 examples of great little animations from a variety of ecommerce sites, some of which are integral to providing the best user experience possible, others which merely provide a creative icing to an already tasty cake. What on earth is Slippy UX design? Have you recently heard about the proliferation of the term ‘slippy UX’?

What on earth is Slippy UX design?

What on earth is Slippy UX design? 15 SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs. It's been a long time since we covered one of the most fundamental building blocks of SEO—the structure of domain names and URLs—and I think it's high time to revisit. But, an important caveat before we begin: the optimal structures and practices I'll be describing in the tips below are NOT absolutely critical on any/every page you create. This list should serve as an "it would be great if we could," not an "if we don't do things this way, the search engines will never rank us well. " Google and Bing have come a long way and can handle a lot of technical challenges, but as always in SEO, the easier we make things for them (and for users), the better the results tend to be.

A to Z of example UX docs and deliverables. Following on from my article about how to create great UX documents, I thought that it would be useful to collate some example UX documents and deliverables together. This should hopefully provide a bit of inspiration and assist when it comes to choosing the type of document(s) to produce. Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently. If you work in the tech industry, it’s easy to forget that older people exist. Most tech workers are really young1, so it’s easy to see why most technology is designed for young people. But consider this: By 2030, around 19% of people in the US will be over 652. Doesn’t sound like a lot? Well it happens to be about the same number of people in the US who own an iPhone today.

Wireframing & Prototyping: The Past, Present, and Future. Jerry Cao is a content strategist at UXPin — the wireframing and prototyping app — where he develops in-app and online content. To learn the methods, tools, and processes of UX prototyping, download the free Ultimate Guide to Prototyping. Knowing the origins of wireframing and prototyping will help you put everything into a historical context, allowing you to comprehend the practice and predict how it will evolve in the future.

This piece will be somewhat of a modern history lesson, covering digital UX design in its past, present, and future. 18 excellent features of Argos’s mobile app. Argos has been named one of the top multichannel UK retailers thanks to its customer-focused mobile app. Placing a particular emphasis on creating an easy, joined-up customer experience has led to this app becoming one of the most popular downloads in Q4 2014. Car Dashboard UI Collection. How to test the usability of prototypes like a pro.

Usability isn’t something you just can cook up in any one phase of design, but must be developed and refined throughout the entire process. Log In. The Art of Questioning as a UX Skill. By Jason Grant on 02/17/15 at 7:56 am When starting any design project, you’re going to need to ask a lot of questions. The perceived problem and the actual problem may not be the same. So how can you get better at asking the right questions? Atomic Is The Missing Interface Design Tool In Your Browser. Great interface design is quickly becoming a priority as companies everywhere start realizing that it’s paramount to their succeeding in the crowded online space.

Objectified - Gary Hustwit. Why the modern world is bad for your brain. Our brains are busier than ever before. We’re assaulted with facts, pseudo facts, jibber-jabber, and rumour, all posing as information. Romashamin/Size-Marks-PS. 40 Resources Every Designer Should Know. Ever wondered where designers get their resources to help them succeed with a project? Here is a list of great resources including sites, PSD. files, actions, UI elements, mock ups et cetera and best of all, they are totally free and available for you to download.

Just click on the title or image and it will bring you to the resource. The Top UX Predictions for 2015. Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2015. Luke Wroblewski – Mobile Behavior and Design Trends Live! App design. Target a specific device. 65 useful UX design tools - WBD. For a UX designer it is very important to have right kind of tools. So we put together a complete list of UX design tools divided into categories like: Wireframing, Prototyping, Diagramming, Web Analytics, Feedback tools, Session Recording, ClickTracking, Remote Usability Testing, Offline Usability Testing, A/B testing and UX Design App. Now I have my personal favorites but you will never know what works for you best unless you try them. So check out those tools below using the links: Nibbler - A Free Tool for Testing Websites. 32 Dispelled Myths About UX And Web Design. How (and When) to Design a Mood Board. Typegenius Online App Shows Designers the Best Font Match.

The Urban Dictionary Of Design Slang. Redesigning The Country Selector. Image optimization — Web Fundamentals. Atomic: Interface design software for professionals. 30 Useful User Experience (UX) Tools. UX/UI Design Topics. A List of Style Guides, Brand Guidelines, and Front-End Frameworks. A to Z of example UX docs and deliverables - UX for the masses.

This Lingerie Company A/B Tests The World's Hottest Women To See Who Makes You Click "Buy" Pears. Start Building Consistent Web Interfaces. Guerilla Research Tactics and Tools. UX 101: What is User Experience? [INFOGRAPHIC] How Beard Length Affects Click-Through Rate » Betabrand Blog. Screen Size Matters: Adapting Content Strategy for Multiple Devices. 30 little things I love about the new Virgin America website.

Usability vs Beta Testing (The What & When)UX Sisters: A User Research Life. Storytelling Through the Category Page. Form Usability: Validations vs Warnings. 10 of the world's best mobile commerce checkouts. 8 Ways to Stop Boring Your Email Subscribers. How to Improve Your Customers' Checkout Experience Today. 10 Content Marketing Lessons from The World's Fastest Growing Websites. A Hands-On Guide To Data-Driven Design. Guerilla Research Tactics and Tools. The Best UX Articles of September 2014. Innovation Vs Tradition : What Does The User Really Want? 15 Resources on Conversion Centered Design. The Psychology of Fonts [Infographics] - Super Dev Resources.

Responsive Web Design in 2014: Stats and Trends. How to Create a User Experience MapBlink UX – User Experience Consulting. Penguin Random House - Concept Project. Pain: The Missing Ingredient in Ecommerce. Progress Indicators Make a Slow System Less Insufferable. Image-Focused Design: Is Bigger Better? Progress Indicators Make a Slow System Less Insufferable. 15 Must-Read Guides for UX Professionals: Written or Praised by Industry Leaders.