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List Scrobbling bookmarklet « andrewBridge. A few weeks ago, I introduced a bookmarklet that I’d created for Auto-scrobbling BBC Radio using the brilliant web app, Universal Scrobbler.

List Scrobbling bookmarklet « andrewBridge

Since then, I’ve been using the bookmarklet myself pretty regularly! It’s been very useful at work and so far I’ve not seen a bug (UI improvements maybe, but not actual bug!). Auto-Scrobbling bookmarklet « andrewBridge. I’ve recently got back into the habit of using Last.Fm (again!)

Auto-Scrobbling bookmarklet « andrewBridge

And scrobbling whatever I’m listening to, to it. This has been fine for the most part, I use either Spotify or iTunes to listen to my music and both of these having scrobbling features, I also occasionally listen to Last.FM radio, which of course has scrobbling as part of it. The last thing that I couldn’t work out, was scrobbling the music played on the radio. I’m a big fan of BBC 6Music, it’s a brilliant station, great for when you’re at work and you really shouldn’t be mucking about with choosing music too much and there’s rarely a track that I’m embarrassed to say I’ve listened to. Stream MP3s from Bandcamp and Scrobble to on Bandcamp Scrobbler.

Sites that scrobble to – Group at Discover – Tunebox tv - youtube scrobbler. + Youtube = LastVJ.