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Familia-romana. Latin Expansion 4 (Latinitas Recens) #Latin #Vocabulary Sheet with Pictures. Scriptorium. #LLPSI. Crede mihi: hoc malum esse naturale. #bio. Ientaculum est epulum primum cotidianum. Et tu, quid capis ut ientaculum? Orbis Pictus Latinus – Arrête ton char. Deux demi-marguerites pour ne pas décliner – Tableau synoptique simplifié des cinq déclinaisons. Bruti cuniculi ad theatrum eunt. Bruti cuniculi ad theatrum eunt. Dicteria - Imagines cum vocabulis. Imagines cum vocabulis. Ad faciendam insanam feminan - Imagines cum vocabulis. Preposition PER + ACC (JPEG Image, 1024 × 768 pixels) PREPOSITIONS. PREPOSITIONS 2. PREPOSITIONS 3. Ubi sunt animalia ? Où sont les animaux? BODY VOCAB FROM LATIN. Picturae: A Visual Latin Dictionary by Kevin Ballestrini / The Pericles Group. Even though a single visual representation of a word will never fully convey meaning on its own, educational psychology research has shown that series of related images embedded in a relevant cultural context can convey all kinds of norms, social trends, and historical information that are typically lost among traditional language learning tools.

Picturae: A Visual Latin Dictionary by Kevin Ballestrini / The Pericles Group

Unfortunately for Latin learners and instructors alike, few resources exist that adequately and accurately visualize beginning level vocabulary, especially in a consistent style. We want to change that. Minimus.