Facebook Twitter Labor & Social Protections - Latin America World Bank. The main objective of the Latin America and Caribbean - LAC Social Protection team is to help countries in the region increase the equity and coverage of Social Protection (SP) systems and to enable the poor to have better jobs.

Focusing on areas such as the expansion and improvement of CCT programs, including ways to enhance employability of the poor; the linkages between informality and social protection systems; identifying more effective policies for youth at risk; and addressing malnutrition, the team has sought to improve outcomes in our lending and AAA portfolio, and to create capacity in countries to monitor and evaluate those outcomes. Triblex: case-law database > By keyword. United Nations Juridical Yearbook. Procedure - Court of Justice of the European Union. Dispute Tribunal. The Office of Administration of Justice. Legal Assistance A staff member may seek advice from the Office of Staff Legal Assistance at any stage of a dispute, or even in anticipation of a dispute. more about Staff Legal Assistance Dispute Tribunal If a matter cannot be resolved informally, a staff member can file an application contesting an administrative decision to the UN Dispute Tribunal. more about the Dispute Tribunal.

The Office of Administration of Justice

Administrative Tribunal: Home page. The Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation is the heir of the Administrative Tribunal of the League of Nations, which was competent from 1927 to 1946 to hear complaints against the Secretariat of the League of Nations and against the International Labour Office.

Administrative Tribunal: Home page

Since 1947 the Tribunal has heard complaints from serving and former officials of the International Labour Office and of the other international organisations that have recognized its jurisdiction. It is currently open to approximately 46,000 international civil servants who are serving or former officials of some sixty organisations. The Tribunal is composed of seven judges, all of different nationalities, who are appointed for a renewable period of three years. The Tribunal's case law comprises nearly 3,000 judgments, available in English and in French. > more. United Nations Administrative Tribunal - Judgements. Judgements 00001 to 00100 | 00101 to 00200 | 00201 to 00300 00301 to 00400 | 00401 to 00500 | 00501 to 00600.

United Nations Administrative Tribunal - Judgements

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