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Kraut Rock.

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Ich, ein Groupie - Murphy Blend Scene (Ingrid Steeger 1970) Guru Guru."Johnny Be Good" (HQ) 1977 live in Essen Festival..wmv. EPSILON - here me cryin' Midnight Circus - Disappointed Love. Stern Meissen - Der eine und der Andere -1982- Transit "Hildebrandslied" -1980- Transit - Ein Mädchen wie du. Stern Meissen - Die Sage 1979. Renft - So starb auch Neruda - 1973 (Single by Eterna) Puhdys - Highway Star (Live 1974-75) Babylon - Dschigiten-Legende (1976) Pancake - No Illusions (1979) [Full Album] Prosper - Dance Of An Angel. ZOPPO TRUMP - Queen Of War. Baumstam - 1975 - Last Letter. Apocalypse-Blowing In Blow.wmv. Irmin's Way -Opus Destroy.wmv. BWP.wmv. GAM - Wilderness. Omecron - Autumn (1973) HQ. "Live!" & "Clouds Everywhere" by Rontheo (Germany, 1976) Pacific Sound: The drug just told me (Switzerland 1970)

Cool Feet - In The City [1976 Hard Rock / NWOBHM Germany & UK] Alkatraz.wmv. PINGUIN 1971 der frosch in der kehle. The Blizzards - I Will Love You 1966. Grave - Morning Sun. Cool Feet - Hello Lucy. "Burning Desire" & "Alone in Your Cage" by Cool Feet (UK-Gemany, 1976) Tarot (Disc1) / Walter Wegmuller. TEMPLE 1975 heathen. Orexis-Unter-Rock.wmv. Odyssee - Odyssee (1974) [Full Album] "Beyond" by Giger Lenz Marron (Germany, 1977) Eloiteron - Old Man's Voice. Mc Oil - Sailing Around. Gash - A Young Man's Gash Pt III. EJMUUSL WESSAHQQAN 1975 die geborstenen kuppeln von yethlyreom. EJMUUSL WESSAHQQAN 1975 hobbl di wobbl. THE PHANTOM BROTHERS - Chicago. Dull Knife - Walk Along The Muddy Road.

Niemand Versteht by Cosmic Corridors. Alone In Your Cage by Cool Feet. Create A Music Playlist. Cool Feet - Mister. Exit - Paradise (1975) Franz K.- Sensemann. Troya - Sinclair (1976) Art Boys Collection - Love (1972) Galaxis. Someone Needs Your Love / True Experience (Ger 1972?) Eulenspygel - Till 1971. "Hugh The Graeme" & Avalon by An Dro (Germany, 1982)

"White Goats" by Steinwolke (Germany, 1979) "Get Out of the Fixer Circle" by Zoppo Trump (Germany, 1972) Violence Fog-Rolli Zink.wmv. Marilyn by Cobraa. Elder Kindred - 1971 - Playing To You. Venus [GER] - Same, 1975 (track a_1. Intro) Fifth Dead- Blue Sky. "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" light version. Abacus Originally a 60's pop group known as Fashion, Abacus started their career as support to many British progressive bands touring Germany. Influenced by such music, and with the addition of English vocalist Chris Williams, they became Abacus in 1971. We've never encountered their debut LP (which is reputedly very good), but later on they still had a borderline pop sound - hints of Bonzo's and The Move in a bluesy rock with a 60's beat feel, and some psychedelic touches - occasionally mad or eccentric. Rarely would you know that Abacus were German, and in fact another English musician later took over the drum stool on their final (but still patchy) album MIDWAY.

At their best, Abacus could surprise and be really creative, yet they were generally too unfocused and schizophrenic. Hans-Rolf Schade (guitar, percussion, sitar, vocals), Felix Hans (drums, percussion, vocals), Chris Williams (vocals, guitar), Klaus Kohlhase (bass, percussion, harmonica), Christoph Barutzky (piano, organ) Aera. Acid - Hipguard. Might Of Coincidence - And Here We Are Again - 1971. Grotesk - Grotesk. Violence Fog - Leisure (1972)

Violence Fog - Brother where are you (Krautrock) Gila - Night Works (1972) [Full Album] Frumpy - Frumpy 2 (1971) [Full Album] Gäa - Alraunes Alptraum (1975) [Full Album] Gäa - Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus (1974) [Full Album] "I am an unskilled worker" & "People cry" by The Dukes (Germany, 1969) Sand - May Rain (Krautrock Psychedelic 1974) Subo - Kollektiv (1970s) CORONA - lies of life - obscure HEAVYROCK GERMANY 1979.