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Knitting - Stitches. Knitting - Free Tools, Conversion Charts, Etc. Knitting - Techniques & Tips. Knit A Basket Out Of Wire. Knitting with wire introduces a whole new range of opportunities when knitting. The wire holds its shape well and lends it self to the creation of some more unusual items. This cute basket is easy to knit and is made from .5mm wire. The knitted wire basket would make a good soap dish, or would be great for holding odds and ends. Make in different colored wires to get different effects.

The basket is finished with beads to decorate and with four beads to form the ‘feet’. Knitting with wire isn’t difficult – we’ve written about it in an article entitled 'Knitting and Crocheting with Wire', however do remember to use old needles. The basket is worked in a single piece and then folded into shape (see picture below). Material 1 reel of .5mm (AWG 24) wire or similar 4 beads for feet (15mm) and 4 beads for decoration (12mm). Instructions. Pull the wire into shape and fold the sides to form a basket shape. Wire & Pearl Cuff - Cocoknits. A few years ago I saw a fabulous wire and pearl bracelet at the jewelry store Viva! In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (sadly out of business now).

I picked up some sterling wire and freshwater pearls at the bead store down the street (La Piedra) and started messing around. Even on tiny needles I could never get the stitches even and tidy, so over time I used bigger and bigger needles and the cuffs were ever chunkier and more organic looking. I’ve decided that the bigger and sloppier the stitches, the more interesting the finished product looks! And it’s fun to pick up galvanized wire from the hardware store and mix it with lovely pearls to give as gifts… a great conversation piece. The directions are really just a guideline… have fun experimenting with different types of wire, needle size and beads and see what you come up with! Skills Needed General knitting knowledge. Size Custom (see directions for sizing). Materials Wire Notions Freshwater pearls, between 15 and 25 for each cuff.

Needles Gauge. DIY Wood Knitting Needles. Handmade Wooden Knitting Needles Making your own wooden knitting needles is quite simple, and fun! The way I made them was to basically use wooden dowel rods (from hardware or hobby/craft stores-hardware stores are usually cheaper), around 1/4" or so, or whatever size makes the needle size you want. I take my needle sizer to the store with me to slip over the dowel and check what size needle it will make, and shoot for about a size 7-8 US for beginner needles.

Then cut the dowels into pieces that are about 10" long, or whatever length you feel is appropriate for what you are doing (a heavy duty pair of kitchen scissors worked for me, or try scoring them first with a blade and snapping them). Then use a pencil sharpener to make the rough points, and then take sandpaper to the whole needle. To make the ends, I used the type of clay that you bake in the oven to harden. Then, they are done and ready to go! And a few more hints: Bake the needles complete, with the acorn tops attached. Knitting Supply Care. Tutorial: No Sew Circular Needle Holder. Posted by pieKnits on January 29, 2007 Can’t get any easier than this, the 15-minute circular needle holder.

Nothing against sewing, I do have plans to make a placemat dpn holder ala the Grumperina method but I like this one for something a little different. Circular needles are inserted through the center holes in craft supply wooden spools and dangle by their cords.Stuff you need Wooden spools (mine were Large Barrel, 3/16″ x 7/8″; 1/4″ hole, 20 pcs from a craft store- the larger the hole the better) Approx 1 1/2 – 2 yards floral wire (I believe mine was 28 gauge) Permanent markers (I used a silver paint pen and a sharpie) Scraps of yarn or fabric Glue (hot glue gun was weapon of choice for me) Note on the spools – mine have 1/4″ hole which fits up to a US size 10 needle. Then, once the last spool is wired on, twist the remaining two wire lengths around each other and fold into a hook shape.

Trim ends and load up with all those unruly needles. Wrist Exercises For Knitters & Crocheters. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! If you knit/crochet a lot… chances are you suffer from some achy wrists! I know that during last week, when I was crocheting up a storm, I certainly did! Here are a few exercises that I do to relieve my sore wrists. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Happy wrists make a happy knitter/crocheter!

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