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Blog Experts. Ecommerce. CMS Open Source. Agences digitales. Novae LR. KALIOP. KALIOP Interactive Media - Trouvez un Partenaire - Partenaires - eZ Systems Enterprise Web Content Management. KALIOP Interactive Media. CAFOD is the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

KALIOP Interactive Media

CAFOD has been fighting poverty in developing countries since 1962. CAFOD believes that all human beings have a right to dignity and respect, and that the world's resources are a gift to be shared equally by all men and women, whatever their race, nationality or religion. VisionWT have been CAFOD's web development partner for a few years and in addition to the development of the main CAFOD website at amongst others, it was time to produce a site more focussed for children. VisionWT were approached to develop the online solution for the CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) World Gifts campaign to maximise donations around the Christmas 2004 period. We have been developing the World Gifts website for each Christmas period ever since. Broadcast Yourself. InfraWan - Hébergement eZ Publish Virtualisation Infrastructure technique Haute disponibilité - SSII. Kaliop, Web agency, eZ Publish expert and CMS LAMP Open Source.

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