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The Shadow

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Carl Jung On Why We Must Learn To Accept Ourselves Before We Can Help Others. Carl Jung exhibited the sort of serene wisdom that is usually reserved for the reclusive-hermit-sage.

Carl Jung On Why We Must Learn To Accept Ourselves Before We Can Help Others

Yet, he arrived at his personal “wholeness” not through the traditional route of Christian grace or Buddhist meditation, but through scientific and psychological means. Delving into his own troubled mind and reflecting on the neuroses of his patients, he arrived at an unsettling insight. Without this self-acceptance, our attempts to help others will be futile, both on an individual and global level. Adyashanti - I´m overwhelmed with fear... "The Dark Night of the Soul is the Gift of Illumination in Higher Consciousness" by Dr. Darryl Pokea. This article is not to be removed from Dr.

"The Dark Night of the Soul is the Gift of Illumination in Higher Consciousness" by Dr. Darryl Pokea.

Pokea's website to be posted on other websites, forums, or blogs. Pain is never permanent. St. Welcome... Beings of Light - Spiritual Crisis. "You cannot find the Light unless you enter the darkness" ~ An ancient mystical insight Dark night of the soul, holy madness, spiritual emergency, spiritual crisis, spiritual madness, and spiritual emergence are various phrases that have been used to describe a unique experience - a profound test of faith, endurance, inner purification and surrender - that is a necessary part of walking the path back home to God.

Welcome... Beings of Light - Spiritual Crisis

Because of these experiences, one rises to a higher state of divine beingness and becomes much closer to All That Is. Sooner or later, this lifetime or next, everyone will journey through the dark night. Today, many people on this planet are searching for a deeper meaning and purpose to life. Dark Night of the Soul. Spiritual awakening doesn’t happen because you master some spiritual technique.

Dark Night of the Soul

There are lots of skillful meditators who are not awake. Awakening happens when you stop bullshitting yourself into continual nonawakening. It’s very easy to use disciplines to avoid reality rather than to encounter it. A true spirituality will have you continually facing your illusions and all the ways you avoid reality. Spiritual practice may be an important means of confronting yourself, or it may be a means of avoiding yourself; it all depends on your attitude and intention. Removing The Masks » SPIRITUAL CRISIS. By Sinead Fine (MAHA) ~ Where personal transformation causes problems ~ Spiritual Crisis/Emergencies happen when the growth and change, which is an inevitable part of life, becomes chaotic and overwhelming. Levels of awareness become too hard to handle, where spiritual images can abound. In such cases, individuals often suddenly and dramatically enter into new realms of mystical and spiritual experiences, which can last days, months or even years. Reasons for Spiritual Crisis are many.

It is fairly common that spiritual practices and the accumulative effects of inner work will cause a Spiritual Crisis at some stage. As the 21st century progresses spiritual awakening is increasing at an alarming rate. There needs to be more widespread education on the causes, symptoms and reasons for spiritual crisis occurring. The Shadow. You may be lonely, but you are never alone.

The Shadow

Inside each of us is a second self, another being. Real Authority. In my last post (#10 The Shadow) I described the expressive power you unleash when you form a bond with your Shadow.

Real Authority

The next step is to learn how to form that bond and how that act forms the basis of a tool that will bring you confidence when you most need it. The Jungian Concept of The Shadow : Magical Path. In this article I will outline some of the Jungian concepts of the Shadow, which has an important role linked closely with the Anima and Animus, the importance of which will be understood by those who have undertaken Trance Exercise 5.

The Jungian Concept of The Shadow : Magical Path

As a side note, it is interesting to note that Jung’s concepts of the Shadow (along with the persona, superman and the wise old man) were heavily influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche, the prominent German philosopher. Jung used Nietzsche’s descriptions as specific archetypal images. It is also worthy of note that Nietzsche had some deeply esoteric aspects in his philosophy, based around the concept of self-overcoming, whereby man can overcome his limitations to become the higher man, on the road to becoming the superman. Jung recognised Nietzsche’s deep understanding of, and willingness, to confront the dark shadows and irrational forces, which lay beneath our ‘civilised’ humanity. Further reading: Notes. Deepak Chopra "Conquering Your Shadow" Shadow Work - Work of the Soul. What are some outcomes of the work?

Shadow Work - Work of the Soul

Shadow work if practiced can eventually lead to not only compassion for self but also for others. It asks us to change our views, perspectives and beliefs. Shadow Work - Spiritual Growth Articles. Soulful Features July 2002 Click here to see the current month's features Shadow Work.

Shadow Work - Spiritual Growth Articles

To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light. --Carl G. Jung. The Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford. Marianne Williamson: Importance of looking at our shadow and darker side (part1/4) You want to Know God? - Feel your FUCKING Shadow. The Nature of Selfishness ~ Alan Watts. Eldon Taylor: Hiding From Others... and From Ourselves. Skills For Awakening. Many stressful emotional patterns repeat themselves again and again.

Skills For Awakening

This is the invisible threat of Self-Sabotage. And it is invisible simply because it is an unconscious pattern that repeats itself. Who doesn’t know a couple for instance, who love each other deeply, and yet have regular conflicts, often about the same meaningless things that they argued about decades ago?