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Playing with jQuery Color Plugin and Color Animation. jQuery is an easy and useful JavaScript library.

Playing with jQuery Color Plugin and Color Animation

If you are someone with basic knowledge of JavaScript you can easily insert jQuery plugins and effects. You do not need to be hardcore coder or developer for that. In this post you will see how to create some cool menus with jQuery and jQuery Color Plugin.View Demo Things you need: 1. Jquery 1.3.2. .hover. Bind one or two handlers to the matched elements, to be executed when the mouse pointer enters and leaves the elements. .hover( handlerIn, handlerOut )Returns: jQuery Description: Bind two handlers to the matched elements, to be executed when the mouse pointer enters and leaves the elements.


.animate. Description: Perform a custom animation of a set of CSS properties.


The .animate() method allows us to create animation effects on any numeric CSS property. The only required parameter is a plain object of CSS properties. This object is similar to the one that can be sent to the .css() method, except that the range of properties is more restrictive. Animation Properties and Values All animated properties should be animated to a single numeric value, except as noted below; most properties that are non-numeric cannot be animated using basic jQuery functionality (For example, width, height, or left can be animated but background-color cannot be, unless the jQuery.Color plugin is used). Animate font size on hover.

.css. Description: Set one or more CSS properties for the set of matched elements.


As with the .prop() method, the .css() method makes setting properties of elements quick and easy. This method can take either a property name and value as separate parameters, or a single object of key-value pairs. LavaLamp for jQuery lovers! Hover above and feel for yourself, the nifty effect of Lava Lamp. What you just experienced is nothing but the LavaLamp menu packaged as a plugin for the amazing jQuery javascript library. I personally believe that the effect rivals that of flash – Don’t you? Especially considering the fact that it is extremely light weight. Just so you know, it weighs just 700 bytes(minified)! Often I have noticed, that the credits are usually granted towards the end. As User Interface developers, we know that one of the first widgets our visitors use is a “Menu”. I hope you agree that a typical HTML widget consists of 3 distinct components. A semantically correct HTML markupA CSS to skin the markupAn unobstrusive javascript that gives it a purpose Now lets follow the above steps and implement the LavaLamp menu for your site.

Step 1: The HTML Since most UI developers believe that an unordered list(ul) represents the correct semantic structure for a Menu/Navbar, we will start by writing just that. Bonus. Jquery.loader.js - jquery-preloader - jQuery Loader Plugin Beta 2 - jQuery plugin to preload components. Jquery-preloader - jQuery plugin to preload components. Double Vision JQuery Plugin. Science[ editor] Easy Paginate - styled demo. Click on the links below to navigate through items Template 01 Pretty cool template Template 02 Pretty cool template Template 03 Pretty cool template Template 04 Pretty cool template Template 05 Pretty cool template Template 06 Pretty cool template Template 07 Pretty cool template Template 08 Pretty cool template Template 09 Pretty cool template.

jQuery File Upload Demo. LeanModal - a JQuery modal plugin that works with your CSS. GBWS Projects. jQuery plugin: Easy Image Zoom. I have been working on a little script for a client of mine, that required product image magnification.

jQuery plugin: Easy Image Zoom

The task was to create a script that will allow users to see large details of the product while moving cursor over medium sized image. During the process I decided to create a jQuery plugin and share it with you guys! Just as with all my script I try to keep things as lightweight as possible, and most important, as customizable as possible. I hope you’ll find this very easy to apply to your own websites. Cloud Zoom Jquery. Copyright © 1999-2012, LLC. All rights reserved. *One FREE .COM, .CO, .NET or .ORG with purchase of a new 12-, 24- or 36-month website builder plan. Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain name per year. Cloud Zoom jQuery image zoom plugin. Trepmag/jrac - GitHub. DropKick - a jQuery plugin for beautiful dropdowns. jQuery Feed Menus. Simple Javascript Accordions. Javascript accordians have been used a lot in todays web design world.

Simple Javascript Accordions

There are a lot of scripts we have seen and sure you too would have seen them. We hope our script is one of the smallest accordion script which is extremely simple and easy to integrate. HoverAccordion jQuery Plugin. A long while back, I created a small jQuery Plugin called "HoverAccordion" - basically your ordinary accordion, but with a twist: users don't have to click to open one item, they just move the mouse over it.

HoverAccordion jQuery Plugin

In the touch era this seems out of date, and it is, but since the script appears in a number Accordion Halls of Fame (yes, those exist), I decided to include it here. Yet Another Accordion Script I actually made the plugin to serve as a menu, but it could also work as a regular accordion for displaying different types of content within a page. jQuery convertion: Garagedoor effect using Javascript. Today I finally found the courage to go and try jQuery. After getting some people say: “You should use jQuery instead of scriptaculous.” I began thinking. What is the reason I choose again? jQuery Background Test. Animated Drop Down Menu with jQuery.

View the effect Drop down menus are a really convient way to fit a large menu into a really small initial space.

Animated Drop Down Menu with jQuery

For a long time people have just used a form element for standard drop downs, but with minimal effort you can create a much slicker effect using jQuery and CSS. Step 1: The HTML Before we can do anything, we need to link our CSS file and our jQuery file in the header our of HTML document: Jquery. Click on the above image to land in the Lava Lamp Demo page.


Then, hover over it and feel for yourself, the nifty effect that Lava Lamp offers. What you just experienced is nothing but the LavaLamp menu packaged as a plugin for the amazing jQuery javascript library. I personally believe that the effect rivals that of flash – Don’t you? Especially considering the fact that it is extremely light weight. Just so you know, it weighs just 700 bytes(minified)! Create a Slick Tabbed Content Area using CSS & jQuery. One of the biggest challenge to web designers is finding ways to place a lot of information on a page without losing usability.

Create a Slick Tabbed Content Area using CSS & jQuery

Tabbed content is a great way to handle this issue and has been widely used on blogs recently. Today we're going to build a simple little tabbed information box in HTML, then make it function using some simple Javascript, and then finally we'll achieve the same thing using the jQuery library. Step 1 First things first, we need something that looks awesome. So a quick trip to Photoshop and voila we have a nice mockup of what our tabbed component should look like. Sliding Jquery Menu. By using our site, you consent to this privacy policy: This website allows third-party advertising companies for the purpose of reporting website traffic, statistics, advertisements, "click-throughs" and/or other activities to use Cookies and /or Web Beacons and other monitoring technologies to serve ads and to compile anonymous statistics about you when you visit this website.

Cookies are small text files stored on your local internet browser cache. A Web Beacon is an often-transparent graphic image, usually no larger than 1 pixel x 1 pixel that is placed on a Web site. Both are created for the main purpose of helping your browser process the special features of websites that use Cookies or Web Beacons. Animated Menus Using jQuery » ShopDev Website Design Blog. Flickr Photobar Gallery. Pulling Your Flickr Feed with jQuery.

38 jQuery And CSS Drop Down Multi Level Menu Solutions. Hello again, it’s time for the comprehensive programming article. Here you’ll find 38 mainly jQuery and CSS-based drop-down or just multi level menu tutorials with downloadable files and explanations as well. My favorite here is the first pick – Outside the box with a very unique navigation menu. It’s always good to have such reference articles in your bookmarks and when you have to create some really big website with a lot of content and menu sections – just return here.

Shorten your developing process with already premade menus, which can be easily modified with a little touch of CSS. Build Flat Responsive Website from Scratch – Complete Course But well, also be aware when each code has been created, has it got some updates through time? Here you’ll find mainly free solutions, but I would also suggest for some special occasions, quick projects to consider some of design/code marketplaces, where you can buy optimized,documented and update codes for really cheap prizes. Top 20+ jQuery Slideshow and Image Gallery Tutorials.

Using slideshow is a great technique to show your featured content or your best image gallery in a limited amount of space is a good way to engage the reader. 25 Fresh and New jQuery Plugins and Tutorials-Speckyboy Design Magazine. With jQuery becoming ever more popular, the volume and quality of plugins and tutorials that developers are releasing and writing are increasing rapidly.

If you are looking for the latest in jQuery plugins this is the post for you, all the plugins and tutorials in this post are new and fresh, they have only recently been published (within the last six weeks). vTip Download Plugin »View Demo » vTip is designed to quickly provide lightweight (706b js, 272b CSS, 270b image) tooltips, using jQuery any element with a class of "vtip" will have it’s title attribute turned into a sleek, customizable tooltip without the klunk and loading time of a large tooltip script. QuickFlip 2 Download Plugin »View Demo » QuickFlip 2: The jQuery Flipping Plugin Made Faster and Simpler. 10 Useful jQuery Plugins for Images. jQuery Easy Slides v1.1 - Possibly the easiest to use jQuery plugin for making slideshows. jQuery Slideshow Carousel 1 of 2.