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Companyweb - Sachez à qui vous avez affaire. Search. Registered Location allows you to filter for companies based on the location of their registered address.


The Incorporation Date allows you to filter for companies incorporated between two dates. Trading Location allows you to filter for companies based on the location of their trading address. Limit your search to only Active companies or hit 'Browse' to see the full list of searchable statuses, including Receivership, Administration, Liquidation and Dissolved. Age of the company (since incorporation). The keywords facet contains descriptors of a company's activity, for example, Italian Restaurants, Big Data, Cloud Computing.You can search by companies having any or all of a certain group of keywords for increased specificity of search results.

We use both 2003 and 2007 SIC codes for industry search. Currency for the latest filed accounts. Number of reported employees. Auditor name as it appears in the company accounts. Turnover less Cost of Sales. : RCS, siret, siren, bilan, l'information gratuite sur les entreprises du Registre du Commerce des Sociétés (RNCS) Legicopylux.

OECD Statistics (GDP, unemployment, income, population, labour, education, trade, finance, prices, health, debt...) La Liste des 1600 Portails Open Data à Travers le Monde. La liste des Portails Open Data dans le Monde La liste est disponible sous forme de carte sur le site Tchiniss on Behance. ANSS Catalog Search. ANSS Catalog Home | Search | Maps and lists | Details | Caveats | Links | Link to ComCat (under development) Note (4/9/2015): The ANSS Comprehensive Catalog (ComCat) contains earthquake source parameters (e.g. hypocenters, magnitudes, phase picks and amplitudes) and other products (e.g. moment tensor solutions, macroseismic information, tectonic summaries, maps) produced by contributing seismic networks.

ANSS Catalog Search

This comprehensive collection of seismic information will eventually replace the ANSS composite catalog hosted by the Northern California Data Center; however, historic regional seismic network catalogs have not yet been fully loaded. UCDP - Uppsala University, Sweden. Google Public Data Explorer. Home - Data Portals. The best objective data on US political candidates. Where your data comes to life. Investigative Dashboard. Mapping murder throughout the world. Comparing murder rates of countries can really highlight the countries with problems - the ones in seriously need attention.

Mapping murder throughout the world

A high murder rate gives a "tip off" that something needs to change. The UNODC have collected together all the national data on homicide for 207 countries. But of course nothing is ever simple when bringing together national statistics. Countries have different definitions of murder and the data is collected at different times and using different methods.

All of this makes comparison of murder rates a messy business. But we can draw out important trends. We have the full map for you to explore more easily. What does a high murder rate tell us about the country? There is a clear link between violent crime and development: crime hampers poor human and economic development; this, in turn, fosters crime. If this is the case then Honduras needs social and economic interventions fast, as does El Salvador and Cote d'Ivoire. Le Data Guide de Data Publica, le pense-bête des sources de données du Web. Image. Oxford Internet Institute - Home. Widgets. Public Data Explorer.

There ARE speed LIMITS in germany (just not on some parts of highways - and depending on the pavement quality you don't want to go too fast !) – laurentj

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2012: Data From Mother Jones' Investigation. Editor's note: This dataset originally covered 1982-2012 and has since been expanded through 2016.

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2012: Data From Mother Jones' Investigation

For more context and analysis, see our Guide to Mass Shootings in America. You can also download this data in CSV, XLS, or TXT formats, or click here for the full Google spreadsheet view. (The embedded version below does not support expanding the cells to see the full text in some places, but you can access it these other ways.) Live flight tracker! In order to save data consumption Flightradar24 web page times out after 30 minutes.

Live flight tracker!

Please reload the web page to get another 30 minutes. or get a Flightradar24 Premium subscription and will not time-out again! FlightAware - Outil de suivi des vols/ Statut des vols/ Suivi des vols. Plane Finder – Live Flight Status Tracker. The GDELT Project. Open Data. MySociety. Homepage. Datagov_public - Google Sheets. The Belgian open data initiative. Datasets - Open Belgium. Business Statistics and Contact Information - UMEDIA DEEP PRODUCTION SERVICES LTD. - Free Company Check. Who wants what in the European Union - OpenInterests. The Open Database Of The Corporate World.