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Diy {bird nest necklace} I have been seeing a lot of bird nest jewelry around lately.

diy {bird nest necklace}

They are beautiful and I love the trend so I thought I would try making my own. These turned out to be really easy to make and require just a few simple supplies. This necklace would make a lovely Mother's day gift, which just happens to be coming up this weekend! What you'll need: - Jewelry wire (I prefer using a 24 gage because it is easier to manipulate but the 20 gage can work well too with the help of some round nose pliers) - pearls or glass beads - necklace chain - jump ring and a clasp Select the beads you want, string them onto your wire and arrange them as you'd like. Diy {bird nest necklace} Handcrafted Pendants « Lady with the Red Rocker. Would you believe what these are made of???

Handcrafted Pendants « Lady with the Red Rocker

Well, of course you would, ’cause your smart!!! ;) Salt Dough! Who knew, right??? I know, I’m a nerd, but I like playing with salt dough. But seriously, would you believe that this is salt dough??? I made it the same way I made the heart necklace, except this time I used Krylon Brilliant Silver spray paint, instead of fingernail polish. I cut some of these out by hand, but some of them I cut out using… ummm… These… What?! I also used this fancy stamper to get the images embossed onto the dough… Yes, it’s a wooden tray… I know… I’m cool that way.

To get an antiqued look I stippled watered-down black paint onto the pendants and wiped the paint off with a wet paper towel. If you notice the round one is a little darker than the other two pendants, it’s because I used a dry paper towel to rub off the paint. So easy, and so cheap to make! Have a lovely week, every-peeps! Linked to these parties. Like this: Like Loading... DIY Proenza Schouler Scroll Necklace. Were you blown away by Proenza Schouler‘s entire Fall 2011 Collection as much as we were?

DIY Proenza Schouler Scroll Necklace

The juxtaposition of digitalized and geometric Native American inspired prints with decorative, Victorian-like statement necklaces was all kinds of genius. And of course, the jewelry had the wheels in our DIY minds spinning ever since. Erica of PS I Made This recently made a beautiful version of Proenza Schouler’s scroll necklace in white and today, we’re tackling a version in black . . . it’s all about the yin and the yang, right? You’ll need: The hardest part of this project is finding decorative mouldings that are small enough to use. Lay the mouldings on a wooden block and carefully drill holes through each marking.

In a well ventilated area, spray an even coat of flat black paint over the mouldings and charms. Connect each piece with a jump ring using the pliers. Your Proenza Schouler inspired necklace is finished! Scroll-ed! (top image from here, rest of images by Honestly…WTF) DIY Chainmail Necklace. You’ll need: Start by separating the jump rings into two halves: 175 open and 175 closed.

DIY Chainmail Necklace

Thread three closed jump rings onto an open jump ring. Close the ring. Spread the three rings apart, with the rings looking exactly as shown below. The bottom ring will be the end of the necklace and the top two rings, which are spread open over the middle ring, will be where the chain mail begins. Keeping the rings in place with your forefinger and thumb, take an open jump ring and hook it through the front side of the two rings. Add 2 closed rings to the open ring and close. Spread the two rings apart in the same way as the first set of rings.

Add 2 closed rings and close. To add an optional fourth row, lay the necklace flat and hook an open ring through first and second closed rings on the right side. I stopped at 4 rows but you can continue adding rows for a more bib-like necklace. Connect the two ends with a single jump ring or clasp. Fini! (top image from here, rest of images by HonestlyWTF) Wire Wrapped Tree Of Life Ornament.