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Flux Slider Transitions Gallery » Hardware accelerated image transitions using CSS3
.peerbind( eventType, [eventData], handler(eventObject)) Returns: jQuery Registers the event for broadcast and attaches a handler for received events for the elements. .peerbind( eventType, [eventData], handler(eventObject)) eventType A string containing one or more JavaScript event types, such as "click" or "submit," or custom event names. eventData A map of data that will be passed to the event handler. handler(eventObject) A function to execute each time the event is triggered. Peerbind Peerbind
Envision.js – A Library For Interactive HTML5 Visualizations Envision.js is a JavaScript library to simplify creating fast and interactive HTML5 visualizations. It comes with 2 chart types; TimeSeries + Finance and with an API for developers to build custom charts. The library is built on top of Flotr2 and the HTML5 Canvas. It is framework agnostic and depends on few micro libraries. It works by default on modern browsers, IE6-8 with FlashCanvas, and mobile touch devices with a WebKit browser are all supported. P.S. Envision.js – A Library For Interactive HTML5 Visualizations
adamdbradley/foresight.js adamdbradley/foresight.js Introduction Foresight.js gives webpages the ability to tell if the user's device is capable of viewing high-resolution images (such as the 3rd generation iPad) before the image has been requested from the server.
Badger - Super sexy iOS style badges for jQuery Super sexy iOS style badges for jQuery May 14, 2011 Give your users a dose of familiarity with iOS style badges. Badger will easily add a beautiful badge to your element without the need for images. Badger - Super sexy iOS style badges for jQuery
Chosen – a JavaScript plugin for jQuery and Prototype – makes select boxes better
README.markdown jQuery Automatic Geocoder A jQuery plug-in to automatically geocode and display a location entered in a text field by a user. Usage jQuery Automatic Geocoder jQuery Automatic Geocoder
We covered a demo earlier this week showing real time video processing with WebGL, but Seriously.js taking this concept even further: seriously! Seriously.js is a real-time, node-based video compositor for the web. Inspired by professional software such as After Effects and Nuke, Seriously.js renders high-quality video effects, but allows them to be dynamic and interactive. Seriously.js: A Realtime, Node-Based Video Compositor for the Web Seriously.js: A Realtime, Node-Based Video Compositor for the Web
Hammer.js – A JavaScript library for multi touch gestures
Advertisement Created by Ryan Dahl in 2009, Node.js is a relatively new technology which has gained a lot of popularity among Web developers recently. However, not everyone knows what it really is. Node.js is essentially a server-side JavaScript environment that uses an asynchronous event-driven model. What this means is simple: it’s an environment which is intended for writing scalable, high performance network applications. It’s like Ruby’s Event Machine or Python’s Twisted, but it takes the event model a bit further—it presents the event loop as a language construct instead of as a library. Useful Node.js Tools, Tutorials And Resources - Smashing Coding

Useful Node.js Tools, Tutorials And Resources - Smashing Coding

Tree menus are great for displaying nested data in a user-friendly and easy-to-browse interface. jOrgChart is a jQuery plugin which converts nested unordered lists into tree menus but with an organization chart-like output. It has support for any depth, clicking each item can show/hide the sub-levels and drag 'n' dropping elements from one node to another is possible, the interface will adjust the levels accordingly. There is no limit in the contents to be used inside each item, any HTML elements are supported (except <ul> and <li>) and the plugin is so handy for visualizing hierarchical data (org. chart, family tree, computer network, etc.). jOrgChart – A Plugin For Creating Interactive Organization Charts With jQuery jOrgChart – A Plugin For Creating Interactive Organization Charts With jQuery
Akordeon – Stylish jQuery accordion plugin
Mercury Editor - Home Mercury Save Preview

Mercury Editor - Home

canvas - camera - orthographic
1.3.1 demo - jQuery

1.3.1 demo - jQuery

Window 1 I am plumbed with a Bezier connector to Window 2 and a label, with Blank endpoints. Window 2 I am plumbed with a Bezier connector to Window 1, and a Bezier connector with Rectangle endpoints to Window 3 Window 3
Exploring The Decorator Pattern In JavaScript & jQuery Today we'll be taking a look at the decorator pattern, a structural pattern that promotes code reuse and is a flexible alternative to subclassing. This pattern is also useful for modifying existing systems where you may wish to add additional features to objects without the need to change the underlying code that uses them. Traditionally, the decorator is defined as a design pattern that allows behaviour to be added to an existing object dynamically. The idea is that the decoration itself isn't essential to the base functionality of an object otherwise it would be baked into the 'superclass' object itself. Subclassing For developers unfamiliar with subclassing, here is a beginner's primer on them before we dive further into decorators: subclassing is a term that refers to inheriting properties for a new object from a base or 'superclass' object.
sigma.js – A lightweight JavaScript graph drawing library
Bacon – A jQuery plugin that allows you to wrap text around a bezier curve or a line
jQuery Bookmarklet Generator
rangy - A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library
The jQuery Plugin Mechanism | Dr Dobb's Journal
bcherry/twitter-text-js - GitHub
socketstream/socketstream - GitHub
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Microformat Shiv
How to build an Electronic Scoreboard with jQuery
jQuery Plugin/Widget
Sequence.js – The jQuery Slider Plugin with Infinite Style
A Suite Of jQuery Plugins (Built With CoffeeScript) – MiniJs
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