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From Blaze to React 01: Introduction. As you may know, there’s a big shift going on in the Meteor world right now, from Meteor’s “traditional” stack to a more modern, more open ecosystem.

From Blaze to React 01: Introduction

If you’re starting a new project, I believe it just makes sense to pick the React start from the start (assuming you’re familiar with it). But a lot of us have legacy apps that are still built on top of Blaze and Iron Router, and we can’t just abandon existing projects and customers. I’m in this situation myself, and I’ve decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I’ll port one of my apps from Iron Router/Blaze app to FlowRouter/React, and what’s more I’ll document the whole process through a series of screencasts.

In case you’re wondering, the app is our very own Discover Meteor app, used to host the book and give customers access to the member’s area. Throughout this series, I’ll make frequent references to the awesome Meteor Guide to check up on best practices and guidelines. Let’s Get Started. Meteor Roadmap. Meteor Capture. Build Fast & Efficient Meteor apps. Learn Meteor.js Properly. (Learn Meteor and Everything You Need to Know about It) At the end of this article, I outline two comprehensive study guides to help you learn Meteor properly.

Learn Meteor.js Properly

The study guides are for both beginners and seasoned developers. The first study guide, which uses a book, a paid screencast, and some free online resources, teaches you how to build a sophisticated, modern social-media web application with Meteor. And the second study guide, which uses only free resources (one affordable screencast and free online resources), is just as instructive as the first, though you won’t build a specific web application throughout the course.

Our Career Paths and Courses Website Is Now Live New UPDATE on April 26 2015 Enrollment for our Career Paths is now open. First, I give a comprehensive Meteor overview, in which I discuss just about everything you want and need to know about Meteor before you commit to investing your time and other resources in this still burgeoning though exceptional technology. Yes? Best Learning Resources for Meteor.js. Meteor.js is an open-source platform built on node.js for rapidly creating reactive web and mobile apps.

Best Learning Resources for Meteor.js

It is designed to allow programmers to create applications in a modern fashion, using up-to-date paradigms, most importantly reactive programming. Meteor became v1.0 on October 28th, 2014. Together with Manuel I am the author of the Manning book Meteor in Action. It's for everyone coming from traditional server languages like Ruby, PHP, or Java and even front-end engineers looking to cover the full stack. All you need are JavaScript fundamentals and HTML/CSS basics. Getting started with Meteor.js. Below is a guest post from Ben Strahan, a meteor.js club member.

Getting started with Meteor.js

He put together a great post and I really wanted to share it with the whole Meteor.js Club! How do I become a web app developer - Meteor style What does an aspiring web developer need to know to develop a Meteor app? Below is a list of languages, frameworks, libraries, packages & more ;) . The lists that follow are purposely ordered, unless noted. When you are in the weeds of learning new things it feels good knowing you have a map to reference and measure your progress against. Languages, Libraries & Frameworks, oh my! Ultimately you need to be able to understand Meteor's API.

Don't know what an API is? Required Optional (learn when needed) MeteorJS Now that you know the above you are deemed worthy to tap into the power and awesomeness of Meteor! Why did you need to learn ALL that stuff above before touching Meteor? ...Okay no more question, lets learn MORE! Time to become a Meteor nerd, review the docs. Meteor Packages (no order)